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Leveled list which will allow NPCs to carry and drop Weapons from the mod: TERA Weapons Collection for Skyrim - made by Iromizu.

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It's been a while since I started to use the mod: TERA Weapons Collection for Skyrim by Iromizu ( )

Although the Weapons are non-lore friendly, the designs are amazing, so I couldn't resist it.
The only thing missing, was a leveled list, so the equipments could be found all over Skyrim.
The mod is long long abandoned as the creator was banned, so I decided to look for alternatives.

There is a Leveled list made here:
But I couldn't be satisfied with Level-10 enemies walking around with Draedric armors, so I decided to spend some time learning how to make a leveled list via CK.

It has a small progression curve, so, some of them would only be able to be found on higher levels.
So, here it is: You should be able to find Tera Weapons being held by bandits, soldiers, in some chests, and sold by Merchants and Blacksmiths, all on a fairly rare rate.


You MUST have installed "Tera Weapons Collection v1.1" from Iromizu:


1) Download the file;
2) Unzip it;
3) Drop the file on your Skyrim\Data\ Folder;
4) OVERWRITE your "TERA Weapons.esp" (make sure to have a backup first, in case you want to roll it back)
5) Run Skyrim and Have fun!

Note: Maybe it's necessary to "wait" for a while so the cells can reset and update the lists.

Also, let me know if the drop rate is satisfying.
Be gentle, it's the first time I try to make a leveled list!!

Note: There is no magic weapons support, I'm still learning about it and it looks like it is very very time consuming

to be done.

Bethesda for this damn amazing Game;
Bethesda again, for sharing with us the resources, allowing creativity around the world to flourish. That's the business model of the future;
Iromizu for his great conversion;