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Kevin Kidder -aka sushisquid- and Gruftlord

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An up-to-date version of the mod "Specialized Followers" by sushisquid

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This is an updated version of sushisquid's

Now available for the Special Edition:
Specialized Followers SE

The original version, including detailed descriptions of follower changes, can be found here.
For now this legendary version, in addition to all changes from the original version, contains bugfixes from the unofficial legendary edition patch up to version 3.0.7, adds the missing vanilla and DLC followers and raises their level to 50. It does require all DLCs and USLEEP to work properly.

On top of this, the perk "Light Foot" has been removed from all followers, compared to the original Specialized Followers. This improves compatibility with sneak overhaul mods. If you still want your followers to be immune to traps, i recommend using Follower Trap Safety or one of the optional files from Light Foot Only While Sneaking.

This Mod makes Uthergerd susceptible to the bawls bug and thus requires the Modern Brawls Bug Fix (detailed description of the bug over there). You don't need to install the individual fix mod, if you already use a mod that includes it.

Further changes for now are minor and can be found in the change log. If you have further suggestions, which kind of abilities you would like to see for followers, please leave a comment in the comments section. I plan to expand on this in the future and appreciate any feedback.

Thank you to sushisquid for creating the mod and allowing me to update it.
Thank you to imoeris for finding the brawls bug with Uthgerd.