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A Game of thrones inspired mod which transforms the Blue Palace and dresses NPCs in new armour. Lore friendly in a sense

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Westeros meets Skyrim - Westero-rim
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This mod uses Game of Thrones Armor Compilation and Game Of Thrones Armors Compilation - Fix to create a Game of Thrones inspired mod which could be considered lore friendly. You won't see Jon Snow wandering around in the mountains or Whiterun turned into King's Landing. However, you will see armours from this mod used to add content to the game as well as other things.

Welcome to Westero-rim

  • Elisif the Fair now has 8 Queensguard to protect her against her enemies. Bolgeir Bearclaw, her Housecarl is the Commander of the guard. The Queensguard are sworn to protect the High King or the Heir. They are scattered throughout the Blue Palace, guarding the entrance, The Jarl's chamber and Castle Dour in time of war. Stormcloak guards will replace the Queensguard if they win the war. Ulfric doesn't trust men who have served under the imperials.

  • The Blue Palace has received some minor furnishings. The throne room now mimics the Great Hall during Joffrey's rein with giant braziers and vertical pillars. The throne now rises higher from the floor upon a bigger platform to further intimidate guests. Falk will now stand at the bottom of the throne to answer any questions instead of sitting down.

  • Minor changes to the stairs before the throne room, a new statue and flowers.

  • Siddgeir in Falkreath now wears Renly's armour, funnily enough the stag represents both Falkreath and the House of Renly.

  • Korir in Winterhold now wears Knight's Watch armour.

  • The Inconsequential NPCs patch will move around npcs to fit within the new throne room. Awaiting permissions to upload patch


Skyrim (no DLCs)
Game of Thones Armour Compilation - Fix

Inconsequential NPCs/Winter is Coming (optional)


Game of Thrones Armor Compilation - Donker316
Game Of Thrones Armors Compilation - Fix - Gen Plague Lord