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A new esp to replace the old so the missing textures on some armors are fixed.

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A small fix of a very awesome mod, The textures for a few of the armor's in Donker316's Game Of Thrones armor compilation were missing, so I simply fixed that.

All Armors and weapons are still the same, save for the fixes and changes.

Cloaks used are from "Winter is coming Cloaks" by Nivea

Fixes and Changes:

Namely the Tarth cuirass and boots as well as the boots of "The Mountain That Rides" textures have been corrected to get rid of the blue/purple of the missing textures.

Fixed the inability to temper (improve) the Tarth boots and gauntlets, and fixed the 1st person views of a few of the armors.

I also included the "Helmet of the Vale," an entirely new helmet, worn by Ser Vardis Egen. It can be crafted under Steel and can be tempered.

Added descriptions to the weapons, for that added Game Of Thrones touch.


Installation :

You have 2 options for this download:

1. If you don't have the original mod by donker316, then the main file is for you. It contains all the meshes, textures and the fixed .esm for this mod.

2. If however, you do have the original mod, and also experienced texture issues, then the optional file (the lone .esm) is what you want for the corrected textures and all other inclusions with this update.

For both options, simply extract the folder into your Skryim Data folder, (overwrite old .esm if you have it) and enjoy!

(Recommendation: rather make use of the manual install)

Armors :

1: The Mountain's Armor - Found under Daedric Smithing

2: The Hound Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

3: Iron Islands Armor (Male and Female version looks like Yara/Asha Greyjoy from the show)- Found under Orcish Smithing

4: Brienne Tarth's Armor - found under Ebony Smithing

5: Bronn's Armor (Sellsword Jerkin) - found under Glass Smithing

6: Regular Lannister Armor - Found under Steel Smithing

7: King's Guard Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

8: Stark Standard Armor - Found under Steel Smithing

9: Stark Captain Armor - Found under Advanced Armors Smithing

10: Arya/Gendry's Jerkin - Found under Leather Smithing

11: Knight of the Flowers Armor - Found under Dragon Smithing

12: Lannister Elite Armor - found Under Daedric Smithing

13: Jorah Mormont's Armor (Exiled Northern Cuirass) : Found under Dwarven Smithing

14: Storm's End Armor - found under Steel Smithing

15: King Renly's Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

16: King Stannis' Armor - Found under Ebony Smithing

17: Robb Stark's Armor (Winterfell Cuirass) - Found under Daedric Smithing

18: Dragon Reach Guard Armor - Found under Dwarven Smithing

19: Night's Watch Recruiter's Armor - found under Elven Smithing

20: Jon Snow's armor (Night's Watch Jerkin) - found under Dragon Smithing

Extra: Boots and Gloves both heavy and light can be forge under Every smithing Section: For Light (Leather - Dragon) and for Heavy (Iron - Daedric)

"Helmet Of The Vale" - Found under Steel Smithing


1: Arakh - found under Orcish Smithing

2: Ice (1H and Greatsword) - Found under Ebony Smithing

3: Northern Greatsword - found under Steel Smithing

4: Oathkeeper - found under Daedric Smithing

5: LongClaw - Found under Dragon Smithing

6: Greatsword of the Mountain - Found under Daedric Smithing

7: Sword of the North - Found under Steel Smithing



The original Compilation: Here
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  • TheDahaka - MOIAF - Mods Of Ice And Fire
  • Kronaras - Arakh Blade - Game of Thrones
  • L0rdofWar - Witcher 2 Models
  • Marinetastic - Game of Thrones mini-pack
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  • OmegaRed99 - Omegared99's Armor compilation
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