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High quality fully redesigned textures for the blue long mage robes worn by court wizards, Hood and Robes available in 2048x2048.

Installation: Simply Unzip and copy the Data folder in your Skyrim directory.

Permissions and credits

This is a texture replacer for the Blue mage long robes (Male and Female) featuring 2048x2048 textures for both the robes and the hood
Installation: Simply Unzip and copy the Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Compatible with edited meshes for every body replacer. Be mindful that excessively skimpy meshes may distrupt the textures.
The .dds files should end up into Data/textures/clothes/monk

Overwrite if asked.

More Informations:

The idea was to make the Blue Mage robes more elegant and rich, while keeping the original feel for them.
In Vanilla Skyrim, the blue robes are worn by Wizards, Farengar, Cancelmo, and evey other Court wizards wear them, but not only them, in fact evey mildly important wizard not belonging to the College is wearing these robes. An example can be Falion, in Morthal, master trainer of Conjuration.

Now isn't it weird that the most qualified mages of Skyrim, to the point of becoming court wizards in a land where magic is frowned upon, wear such simple, unelaborate apparel? it's not like they can't afford any better.


Q: Standalone?
A: Maybe one day, but it will be separate, this wouldn't be much of a texture replacer otherwise, would it? (;

Q: Can you release the character in the shots as a follower?

A: Absolutely not. Even if I wanted to, many of them use assets that either
cannot be shared or are based on the work of modders that have long left
the community, meaning I cannot ask for permission, no permissions equals no release.

Q: How about in private?
A: No.

Q: How about as ECE/RM Presets?
A: Absolutely not. Besides, without my mods they'd look nothing like what you see.

Q: Can you convert the outfit to UUNP, CBBE, 7B etc.?
A: This only replaces the textures, it uses the mesh replacer you already have installed

Q: Is this compatible with X ?
A: It's compatible with everything, it's just a texture replacer. (:

Q: How do you get the ears to look like that?
A: Through Racemenu 3.0 and above, by expired, I manually edit them in the sculpt tab.

Credits are important, please take the time to read them.


Halo's Poser by Halofarm (Poses)
GomaPeroPero's Poser by GomaPeroPero (Poses)
Eiries' Edit of Kountervibe ENB (ENB, duh.)

Special thanks:

Mi. Gr. , Ti. Lo. , Angrylock
, vintagelf, Ge. Jo. Ry. , Da. Ta.

Thank you for your donations, it was unexpected, but I really appreciated them. (:

My Tumblr followers for providing suggestions and constant feedback.


Please do not redistribute or edit this file without my approval.

You are free to showcase this file in YouTube videos, blogs, articles and such.

Thank you for downloading!