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A backpack that acts like a real backpack.

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SKSE Download it Here.
SkyUI. Download it Here.

You are responsible for downloading and installing this mod. If you screw something up, it's on you.

I was never happy with how backpacks are handled in other mods. Most mods that feature backpacks simply increase the player's carry weight capacity. This bothered me in two ways. First off, it's not realistic that simply equipping a backpack would sort of make you stronger and able to carry more. Secondly, just because you have a backpack doesn't mean you can immediately access what's in it. In real life if you have a backpack it just makes things easier to carry. Also, in real life, if you have something in a backpack, you have to set it down and open it to get the stuff out of it. As I was playing the game and making use of Portable Campsite by Mcxar, I came up with an idea of how to add a more realistic backpack to the game.

-Backpack can be carried.
-Backpack can be dropped onto the ground and opened.
-Backpack has it's own inventory. (Instead of just magically being able to access what's in it, you have to drop it on the ground and open it.)
-Backpack reduces the weight of items inside of it by a percentage. (Instead of just adding carry weight which isn't all that realistic.)
-Player can set the maximum weight that can be held inside the backpack using MCM.
-Player can set how much the weight of stuff in the backpack is reduced by.

In short here's how it works. The backpack can be worn and you can run around with it equipped. When you drop it on the ground you can activate it, this turns it into a container. The backpack can be opened and you can put stuff in it or take stuff out of it. You can then pick the backpack back up and go about your adventure. The backpack's weight is determined by what you have put inside of it. The more stuff in the backpack the more the backpack will weigh. Stuff that is inside the backpack is reduced in weight by a percentage so as to simulate the objects being easier to carry. All in all, this is a realistic approach to backpacks and as I have been using this and testing it, it definitely improves immersion.

1. Download the mod and install it.
2. Activate the esp file.
3. Go into game and wait a few minutes for the MCM menu to register.
4. To get the backpack you can either craft it at the Forge in the Misc. section or you can open the MCM menu and click "Spawn New Backpack."
5. After you have the backpack equipped, exit the MCM menu and reopen it to set your body type.

Using the Backpack:
1. Drop the backpack onto the ground.
2. Go into sneak mode.
3. Click on the backpack.
4. Stand up.
5. Access the backpack inventory.
6. Go into sneak mode.
7. Pick the backpack back up and continue adventure.


Just use the quick access hotkey when the backpack is equipped and you are out of combat.

- Backpack uses slot 47.

Bethesda, Nifskope, Autodesk, Niftools (Figment), Adobe, Pixologic for ZBrush
Mcxar for creating the Portable Campsite mod. I got the idea for this from his mod. Two of the scripts in this mod are based on two of his scripts, so this wouldn't be possible if he had not made that mod. In fact, the general idea of dropping something on the ground, activating it and then picking it back up was what made this mod possible.
Skyfox69 for ChunkMerge
The SkyUI Team and Schlangster for SkyUI and the MCM menu.
Smokex for testing the mod.
And a special thanks to DarkFox127 for his invaluable scripting guidance and testing the mod.
Note: If I left anyone out for any reason please send me a message so I can include you.