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A medium to large player home situated in its own secluded cavern near Falkreath and crammed with features. The home is adoption/spouse/follower friendly.

Permissions and credits
This mod is no longer being supported and should be taken as it is. The version uploaded to the Skyrim SSE Nexus WILL be supported. I will not be returning to this page to assist users and will ignore any personal messages regarding this mod. The fact that this mod is no longer supported does NOT give anyone the right to re-publish my work with or without credit. The rules regarding asset use still apply however the answer to all requests for permission to use my assets contained within this mod should be assumed to be NO.

A medium to large player home situated in its own secluded cavern near Falkreath and crammed with features. The home is adoption/spouse/follower friendly. The home contains many features and a mod configuration menu (MCM) has been implemented to allow them to be customised. These include but are not limited to: banners, themes, DLC additions, bards, coffins, crafting stations and more. 

- Scroll Transcriber: Create scrolls from a known spell and some ingredients (for those with not much magicka)
- Tome Transcriber: Create a spell tome from a scroll and some ingredients (for those that find the scroll before the tome)
- Disenchantment Font: Disenchant any item without destroying it (for getting items back if you forget the name or put the wrong enchantment on)
- Soul Gem Font: Convert useless soul gem fragments into soul gems or convert weaker gems into stronger ones
- Staff Enchanter with custom appearance
- Imbuing Chamber
- Resource Auto-Retrieval: Automatically takes items from storage in the home for use when crafting

- Adoption (requires Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions)
- Hearthfire Style Garden OR Static Vanilla Garden
- Horse & Cart
- Mill
- Apiary
- Fishery

- Primary Banners: Choose from a large number of different faction or common banners
- Secondary Banners: Choose from different colours (Blue, Yellow, Green, Red)
- Dark Theme: Changes some things to be more evil such as the dining table, food storage, effect of the crafting stations and some others

- Archery Range: Functional moving archery range that the player can gain experience from and play a little mini-game for a reward
- Chessboard: Gamble at your own risk
- Water Pump: Functional pump that can convert empty bottles into "Water Bottles" that restore 15 health when consumed
- Fast Travel Map: Fast travel to discovered major locations using the map (can be set to travel without first discovering the location)
- Mirror: Choice of a half or full race menu that will allow you to change your appearance
- Amber Soul Gem: Re-usable soul gem, the capacity is customisable (designed to replace black/azuras star when it is on display)
- Item Fast Travel: Choice of a Black Book, Paragon or Lesser Power that will allow you to travel to 5 locations at will. Slot 1 is reserved for the home, slots 2, 3 and 4 are for custom locations and slot 5 is for either another custom location or for travelling to Apocrypha if the "Dremora Merchant" option is active

- Dragon Claws
- Dragon Priest Masks
- Paragons
- Thieves Guild
- Black Books
- Elder Scrolls
- Daedric Artifacts
- Bug Jars
- Misc: Custom placement of any item. Once an item is placed in an index, it can be moved and rotated for best placement

- Coffin: Either horizontal or vertical
- Shrines: Shelf of shrines. Shrines only become visible and active once a corresponding amulet is placed on the shelf (an override is available for those that are unable to find certain amulets)

- Female Bard
- Male Bard
- Dremora Merchant: Merchant that will sell nearly anything the player could desire (designed as a time saver instead of running around to every merchant)

- Dynamic Storage: If enabled, a static overlay will appear over the empty container when the correct item is placed inside. If disabled, the static is enabled by default
- Female Armour: Choice to switch the male chest piece in the armour cupboard to a female chest piece to match the players gender
- Trash Container: Erases its own contents on leaving the cell (for all that junk that isn't worth selling)
- Auto-Sort  
- Remote Access System: Access the main containers in the home from anywhere at the cost of X dragon souls for every Y times the containers are accessed. The values of X and Y are customisable
- Cupboard Doors: Cupboard doors that can be opened fully to view what is inside

- All Skyrim DLC (Dawnguard, Dragonborn and Hearthfire)
- SkyUI
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions (optional if you wish to move your family in to the home)

1 - Install the core file
2 - Install the most recent version over the top

NOTE: Installation via NMM should work by the default install process however we offer no support for it in case it doesn't.

1 - Download the core archive and the most recent version and extract the contents of the two archives to a specific location
2 - Copy or move the four files extracted from the two archives to the Skyrim "Data" folder
3 - Run the Skyrim launcher and ensure that "LrsamwaysModFeatures.esm" and 'LrsamwaysPinewoodManor.esp" are ticked

For updates a clean install is required. This involves the following:
- Removing all items from chests that were not added by this mod 
- Exit the manor and cavern
- Save and shut down to your desktop
- Un-check the mod in the data files section of the normal Skyrim launcher
- Load the game with the mod inactive and save
- Shutdown to your desktop and install the new version using the above methods

None at this stage

Pinetree Lodge - Incompatible
Alchemists' Cavern - Incompatible

- Initial release

V1 Dark: 
- Same as V1 except with an edited esp for those NOT using dark whiterun textures or ENBs in order to reduce the brightness of the interior

- Implemented a wall to block the child's when adoption is turned off
- Fixed the references of the auto-sort to allow it to connect to the containers in the basement

V1.5 Dark: 
- Same as V1.5 except with an edited esp for those NOT using dark whiterun textures or ENBs in order to reduce the brightness of the interior

- Fixed the missing panel near the coffin and re-arranged the layout so the coffin and training dummy aren't crammed into the corners
- Adjusted the fast travel marker to Pinewood to prevent falling though the floor
- Adjusted the script to fix the Dremora Merchant fast travel marker placement
- Swapped out the stairs for ones with a more shallow gradient
- Expanded exterior garden

V2 Dark: 
- Same as V2 except with an edited esp for those NOT using dark whiterun textures or ENBs in order to reduce the brightness of the interior

- Q: "I want cupboard doors on these but not on those, is there a way to do this?"
- A: Yes, enable cupboard doors and then open your console and select the ones you don't want and use the command "disable"

- Q: "Where is the Dremora Merchant?"
- A: 
You need to use the "Item Fast Travel" Book/Paragon/Power and select "Travel to a location" then "Apocrypha" to get to him

- Q: "Can all my followers stay here?"
- A:
 You can get them to move if they have the dialogue option but they wont have anywhere to sleep, the mod is a family home at current, not a followers hideout

- Q: "Where is the home?"
- A: 
There are adequate images to show you where it is

- The use of assets in LrsamwaysPinewoodManor.bsa is permitted providing the original resource creator has been credited
- The use of LrsamwaysPinewoodManor.esp, LrsamwaysModFeatures.esm or LrsamwaysModFeatures.bsa is strictly forbidden
- Feel free to translate and/or modify the mod for your personal use
- Re-uploads of this mod whether they be translated/modified versions or just to another site is strictly forbidden

Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
Oaristys & Tony67: Modder's resource pack
Tamira/stroti: Pump
InsanitySorrow: Charts
Runspect: Mirror
Tueffel: Metal hook
BrettM: Modder's resource
mrpdean: Noble cupboard
Blary: Open books
berticus0001: Stairs