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Dual Casting - Dual Wielding Simplified. Dualcast with left mousebutton when you have same spells equipped. Attack with both weapons using left mousebutton when you\'re dualwielding.

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This mod makes you dualcast with left mousebutton when you have two of the same spells equipped (it emulates pressing left and right mousebutton together). If you want to cast just one spell, press right mousebutton. When you have different spells equipped it reverts to normal spellcasting. Reason I made this mod is that I don't seem to hit a barn door with my mouse sidebuttons or pressing left and right mousebutton together :).

Also mod makes you attack with both hands pressing left mousebutton (configurable)when you're dualwielding. Reason behind this is similar to dualcasting: dualattack is what you use most and constantly pressing left+right mousebutton gets irritating fast. Note that you lose one powerattack type (you now get the one with both hands instead). Also affects werewolf play. Shield / bow / twohanded play is not affected.

Requires Script Dragon (, just copy the files to your Skyrim inventory. You can edit the buttons used in both dualcasting / dualwielding (individually) by editing the file dual.ini.

NOTE: if you don't like the changes in dualwielding, but like the spellcasting use the file DualCastV4 instead.
New in 1.1 - added dualwielding.

UPDATE: Old version had bad behaviour when two weapons or weapon/shield were equipped (they got passed as spells, silly me :) ). New version should work only with spells.

UPDATE-2:New version fixes behavior in enchanting / tanning and smithing. Now mod checks if you have your spells drawn.

UPDATE 3:Fixed bug that when switching spells while casting, it would start your new spell "on"

CREDITS: Alexander Blade for Script Dragon !