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CRX brings 40 new balanced and lore-friendly recipes with several unique effects to the largely useless cooking system. Fully compatible with Realistic Needs and Diseases and iNeed.

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.: Contents :.

  ▪ Description
  ▪ New Recipes
  ▪ FAQ

  ▪ Future Plans
  ▪ Credits

.: Description :.

Dovahcook - Cooking Recipes Expansion (CRX) aims to turn the futile exercice of cooking in Skyrim into a worthy complement to alchemical crafting. CRX currently adds 40 lore-friendly new food and drinks recipes, ranging from the humble skeever soup to powerful magical cocktails. The most potent recipes, which usually require a number of very rare ingredients, will allow you to turn the tide of a battle with new effects, such as boosting your weapon speed, shortening your shout cooldown or nearly freezing your perception of time for a short period. CRX is fully compatible with Realistic Needs & Diseases and should not cause any serious issues with other mods.  While it doesn't currently require any DLC, a version better adapted for Hearthfire is planned for release.

Now supported by iNeed!

.: New Recipes :.

A list of the new craftable items currently included in CRX followed with their item codes, where XX is the .esp plugin's load order.

  • Apocryphal Darkbrew XX0053F7
  • Blood Spices XX003E2D
  • Distillated Chaurus Acid XX003E1C
  • Evening Star Pinnekjott XX00230A
  • Falmer's Omelette XX0043A2
  • Flour Pile XX0038A5
  • Fruit of Oblivion XX0053EB
  • Galerion's Nova XX00491B
  • Grilled White Cap XX0038A9
  • Hyalophage's Feast XX0038B7
  • Infused Goat Roast XX00439F
  • Jallenheim Porridge XX0043A5
  • Marinated Pholiota XX0038A
  • Mead Coleslaw XX00490A
  • Molag Amur Magma XX0053EF
  • Namira's Delight XX0053E4
  • Nibenese Noodles XX003E2A
  • Nightcaller Nectar XX00439C
  • Northpoint Poutine XX003E24
  • Oblivion Darkbrew XX0053F4   
  • Red Mountain's Fury XX004910
  • Salhoknir's Roar XX004917
  • Sautéed Amanita XX0038B4
  • Shellfish Bisque XX00490D
  • Skeever Lapskaus XX003E21
  • Smoked Blisterwort XX0038B1
  • Snowblind Liquor XX004397
  • Taproot Extract Broth XX003E30
  • Unholy Treat XX0053E8
  • Wayrest Style Cheesecake XX003E27

.: Installation :.

Download either CookingRecipesExpansion_1.0.rar or CookingRecipesExpansion_RND_1.0.rar depending on whether or not you use Realistic Needs & Diseases and unpack it in your Skyrim (not Data) folder. You should also be able to install it automatically with Nexus Mod Manager. Either way, simplicity itself!

.: FAQ :.

Q : I'm looking at some of the screenshots, and many items seem insanely powerful. OP much?
A : While vanilla recipes might be as easy to mass produce as they are useless, high-tier CRX brews require far too many rare ingredients to be made in large quantities, and are more akin to a one-use ace in the hole you'll only pick for the toughest boss fights. In fact, some top-level meals and cocktails will require you to combine lesser CRX recipes, which are themselves made of more basic craftable CRX items. However, I haven't tested the mod extensively yet, meaning that all items might not necessarily be perfectly balanced as of version 1.0, so be sure to share your feedback in the comment section to help me improve the future versions of Dovahcook!

Q : The amount of effort required to make a single bowl of Apocryphal Darkbrew is too damn high!
A : I much prefer that than the alternative, which would throw any kind of challenge out of the window and actually damage your gameplay experience. Still, current recipes are very much subject to change, so if multiple people consider any item to be too expensive to make, or underpowered, I'll correct that in the next version (although my priority is to preserve proper balance, for the above reasons).

Q : Why do item descriptions in the screenshots show "Filling Meal, Light Snack, etc." ?
A : It's a feature from Realistic Needs and Diseases, which indicates the potency of food and drinks. It does not appear in the vanilla version of Dovahcook.

Q : Will you be adding new recipes and effects in the future?

A : Yes! I'll also make expansions for the Hearthfire and Dragonborn DLCs in the next few weeks. You can also make requests, and as long as they feasible, I'll try to integrate them into CRX. However, since I'm still rather unexperienced with the Creation Kit, don't expect extra scripted effects just yet.

Q : Is it compatible with X, Y or Z?
A : Since CRX only adds new food recipes and does not alter any leveled lists, it should not cause serious conflicts with any other mod. The Skillful Chef by UWShock should be compatible, but I've been unable to test it as of now due to a conflict with another unrelated mod. Regardless, I highly recommend it, especially if you use RND.

.: Future Plans :.

  • Rebalance, bugfixes and polishing
  • New recipes and effects
  • New ingredients, integration in leveled lists
  • Cooking improves alchemy skill
  • French translation
  • Miscellaneous quests for new recipes or bonuses
  • Hearthfire / All DLCs version (I might stop supporting the current DLC-less version once it is properly balanced)
  • Alchemy overhaul (possibly as a separate mod)

.: Credits :.

Thanks to:
  Bethesda, for making the masterpiece that is Skyrim and allowing us to improve upon it with the Creation Kit.
  Wolferoo, for releasing the resources his own mod, Cooking Recipes Pack, on which a lot of my new items are based.
  Oaristys, for releasing her Modder Resource Pack, which I used to create the Evening Star Pinnekjott.
uni_SL, for releasing the graphical assets of Cooking Ingredients, on which several new items, as of version 1.1, are based.
  Syncing, for releasing Better Potions and its new models, which I used for two new beverages as of version 1.1.