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Added: 24/10/2014 - 04:41AM
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Last updated at 4:35, 24 Oct 2014 Uploaded at 4:41, 24 Oct 2014

Very simple mod that allows you to feed dogs new treats, which gives them a 20 minute buff to stamina and health.  I always wanted more ways to interact with animal followers, specifically by feeding them, so I made this simple addition.  For now it's just dogs, but may expand to other animals.  This will work on any friendly dog, regardless of whether or not it's a follower, as long as they are properly part of the Dog faction (most are.)


  • Adds a craftable Dog Treat at cooking pots (requires venison or beef, wheat, bone meal, salt pile), weighs 0.1
  • Adds a new line of dialogue to all animals in the Dog faction of "Good dog! (give treat)", with new super ultra-immersive biscuit chomping sounds! (sarcasm)
  • Giving a dog a treat gives them the Animal Nourishment effect, which is a 10 point bonus to Fortify Health and Fortify Stamina for 20 real-life minutes
  • Dog treats are edible by PC for 10 points of health
  • In 3rd person the player can actually be seen handing a treat to the dog (a default dialogue option that apparently isn't used in the vanilla game, that I've seen anyway)
  • Adds Dog Treats to leveled list items for Inns, and also to the Riverwood Trader (makes sense, with a dog being in the town)
  • It adds Stump and Torom to the Dog faction (not sure why there weren't to begin with)


  • I mimicked the exact way beggars ask for coins in the vanilla game, it's a generic quest that applies only to dogs, safe and simple, no weird tricks


  • If you're using the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (why wouldn't you??) grab the USKP version, if not grab the non-USKP.
  • Drop into your data folder, or use NMM
  • This does edit the leveled list for Inns and the Riverwood Trader, so you might need to make a Bashed Patch if you use other mods that edit those lists


  • Probably nothing, but to be extra safe, open the console and type StopQuest FavorJobsFeedDogs to make sure the dialogue goes away


  • It doesn't conflict with anything, and by virtue of how it's built, should be compatible with any animal mod that adds dogs to the Dog faction properly.  So far Dogs of Skyrim is reported to be mostly working, but there are reports that some dogs don't have the dialogue option, which means they aren't part of the dog faction.
  • I use AFT and can confirm there are no issues or conflicts


  • Hush Doggy -- Replaces the idle animation that causes dogs to bark while idle, nice and clean!  Restore your sanity!
  • True Wolves of Skyrim -- Beautiful overhaul of wolves, including a new wolf follower, Lola
  • Garm the Husky Follower -- Very well-done Husky follower mod, with some cool lore background
  • Doge / Koor -- Cute Husky follower by Elianora

Thanks to arrioch on Reddit for helping me test!