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A large player castle home for vampire characters, with a cathedral and a cemetary.

Permissions and credits
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Version 1.2.8 is now availiable on console as well! Though still a wip. I would like to state that I have no hand in this but I endorse it and will provide any technical support I can. Though I do not own a console and thus isn't able to test things myself.

Link to the Xbox console version:

Link to the SSE version:

What's new? v3
ball room event now combined with feast.
reduced fps drop in library.
replaced all the low textured furnitures with the nolbe furniture (sorry low res textures had it for me).
adjusted some cells to better match the layout namely many of the towers.
New texture for the organ.
New Followers; BodyGuard standing in the Royal Bedroom. A wraith Laying in a coffin inside the Cathedral.
Changed The Guard Armors.

Some stunning pictures of the castle and the surroundings. By DonProtein

Recomended mods

Enhanced noble furniture:

Glorious grass I highly recommend this as it gives the forest a lot more feel to it without overgrassing the place:

Insanity's ebony sword replacer:
I have used these meshes when I've created the weapon plagues on the walls and placements on tables so it might look better.

safety load by kapaer:

Praktical version:
This mod adds a new area with a vampire castle.
The entrance is located in the mountains above Falkreath.

-RequiresDawnguard and Dragonborn.
RavenCastle is a Work in Progress, and will evolve further as we near version 1.0!

It is a huge player home with a Gothic/Dracula style theme.

To find the castle follow the road out of Falkreath to the east and keep your eyes on the right. A small road leads to Ancestor glade and bloodlet throne. Turn right at Ancestor glade towards Bloodlet throne -up the mountains. Follow the path and the entance turns up on the right side of the road.

If you have more trouble finding it open the console write "tmm 1" and look for the name "Raven Cave" in your map.

It started as a new version of Castle Orlok and quickly became too big. The intend was to make a castle of the meshes by Zardalu.
Since I am rather annoyed with things that look different on the outside than it is on the inside: a lot of care has gone into floor planning and making the exterior match the interior. A part of this is that I made sure that you should be able to access every tower and balchony visible from outside.

For the interior I chose the castle Volkihar since I like the gothic style of it, obviously look vampire-ish and is easily placed. Also it was the easiest way to make the windows appear on the inside.

You can fast travel from inside the castle if you get lost. Go explore it!

-Defend Raven Fortress-
To access the area use the doorway from executioner's hill. This will take
you to a fortress under siege by lycans. Once you enter speak to the
captain at the top of the middle tower. If you play on a high difficulty
or have an ill equipped character I recommend to take a follower or 3
with you. If you do not go up to the captain at the tower you'll have
time to walk around the place and have a look before the battle. This is
great if you want to place your followers around the place for a better

The History of Raven Castle:
In the beginning of Raven Castle’s history, King Varash unites the lands under one banner, thus began the construction of Raven Castle. The Chronicles of Raven Castle has a very clear point of view, since those who wrote it down sided with the Raven King. The authors made their own timeline, the Year of the Raven, beginning at year 1 when King Varash unites the

After 20 years, King Varash passed away with the castle only partially completed. His son Calvan is crowned as the new king. King Calvan fortifies the castle's defenses and completes what his farther did not have the time to do. The castle stood strong and the forest bloomed as life flourished under his reign. In the Year 44 of the Raven, werewolves are seen running through the forest at night. This new threat forces King Calvan to shut done the ebony mines out of concern for the safety of his people. He gathers his army and sets out to cleanse the forest of any werewolves they find. In the Year 45 of the Raven the werewolves are believed to be extinct. The ebony mines are opened once again as life slowly turns back to normal.

The following year King Calvan the Strong, as he became known after destroying the werewolf plague, passed away. His son, Gorianth, takes up the crown with a promise to his people, "As my father before me, I shall take up the crown and resume just and fair rule of Raven Castle." Gorianth was soon known as King Gorianth the Swift because of his passion for hunting and his two white hounds were well known among the court for their tracking skills. In his thirst for knowledge of the lands beyond, King Gorianth began constructing a new wing in the castle to house a vast library. In the Year 47 of the Raven, the library is finished. At the same time, a trophy room, filled with the trophies of King Gorianth's hunting adventures, is completed. King Gorianth often travelled far and wide within and outside the borders of his territory. While King Gorianth was absent on one of his adventures, his son Pelenth was appointed to rule in his place. During one of these hunting trips, the King Gorianth becomes gravely wounded as he encounters werewolves in
the forest. Almost the entire hunting party is killed, but the king and a few others make it back to the castle. Days later, King Gorianth the Swift succumbs to his wounds and is put to rest in the Royal Gardens.

As King Pelenth is crowned an announcement follows: "The wolf blood harms us all! The recent happenings resulting in the king’s death sheds a new light over the threat looming in our very forest: The werewolves are still among
Precautions and severe punishments are now put in place to protect the castle and its inhabitants. Such is the necessity for the following decrees: Harboring a werewolf, carrying the werewolf plague, or failing to alert the
proper authorities about the existence of one such creature, is punishable by death. The severity of the crime of spreading the werewolf plague deems it an offense to be judged with immediate sentencing and without trial.
Fear not citizens of Raven castle, the forest will be purged by the might of Meridia and her followers. Soon, holy fires shall search through the forest in a relentless hunt of the unnatural threat! But the deadroth does not wish to help the purge of werewolves, as her hatred is contained to the undead. King Pelenth has made a pact with Meridia to
build her a grand cathedral in the forest. He promises to worship her and that all of his people will follow her teachings. In exchange, Meridia will help him purge the forest of the wolf beasts.”
Thus, in the Year 51 of the Raven, the first stone to Meridia's Grand Cathedral is placed. After this pact is made, months pass and there are no sightings of the werewolf plague anywhere within King Pelenth’s territory. Pelenth redefines the beliefs of the Divines, claiming that Meridia is above the Divines and should be worshipped as such. He declares that anyone in the kingdom who does not follow this belief willbe branded a heretic. In the Year 56 of the Raven, the cathedral is finished and all ceremonies thereafter are held in the sight of Meridia. Pelenth also built a small chapel inside raven castle where his father was put to rest. Months later, King Pelenth the Favored, as he was now known, falls ill. One month later, passes away.

Karus, the first son of King Pelenth, is crowned as the new Raven King. He continues to follow his father’s belief that of Meridia is above the Divines. Elares, the 2nd son of King Pelenth, becomes the Grand Advisor to the King. To accommodate the growing need of trade, a new building is added to the castle. The stables will be expanded and an entire new building will adorn the outside, functioning as a welcoming area for the merchants and travelers approaching Raven Castle. In the Year 116 of the Raven, on the 17th of First Seed, Queen Sil gave birth to a son. Shortly after the birth, Elares leaves the castle on a journey. Years pass and the brothers rarely speak with each other. Elares secretly
worked behind Karus's back, turning the nobles against their king. As the king learns of this, he denies Elares entry to the court, but he does not send Elares away. In the Year 130 of the Raven, on the 7th of Sun's Dusk, the king is confined to his bedchamber. Elares continued to turn the nobles against the king in the hopes of usurping his throne once he dies.

In half a year, the king dies in his bed. His son Sare is crowned as the new king. Queen Sil struggles desperately to keep her son on the throne, but the nobles seem to be of another mind. Elares makes a pact with Lord Harkon to bestow the gift of immortality upon him, but Harkon demands that Elares be crowned king before bestowing with the gift. This
drives Elares over the edge. Obsessed with the crown and the gift of immortality, h
e seals off the lookout tower hanging over the chapel with young King Sare inside. With Sare’s disappearance, Queen Sil is no longer able to stop the nobles. Elares is crowned as king while Sare starves to death in the tower.

Elares greets Harkon in the court and after the meeting, Elares turns hateful towards the faith of Meridia. A declaration is written to the people. “The sudden death of our king shocked us greatly, as did the disappearance of his son Sare. The royal family is in grief and the cause of all this was a coup instilled by the high priest, who has been manipulating the
young queen.
These delinquents have been swiftly persecuted and the high priest has been confined to the very cathedral he turned against the crown. In the protection and insurance of the existence of Raven Castle, the forest
and Cathedral have been purged of the foul daedra and the priests inciting treason.
Fear not kinsmen, we shall rise from this treachery as the descendant of Varash himself takes up the burden of the crown, leading Raven Castle towards a bright future. Honor and glory to Elares the Raven king!
The cathedral is abandoned by the people, but the priests seal it off, in an attempt to preserve the Meridia’s influence. In his fury, Elares attacks the cathedral, causing the Meridia to scorch the lands. The forest withers and dies as Elares turns to rid the cathedral of its inhabitants. He uses necromancy to raise the long dead ghost of high priest Vaclav to do his bidding. The ghost indeed lives up to Elares expectations. The remaining priests are burned at the stake, though high priest Pereno goes missing. After the priests are burned, the ghost of Vaclav does not return to his rest, as Elares broke the wall between the living and the dead. He haunts Elares, driving him partially insane. Elares manages to seal him off in the very foundation of the castle. Through constant nightmares and horrible visions, King Elares is driven fully insane. He disappears one day and is never seen or heard from again.

Elares' son, Varash II, is crowned as the new King of Raven Castle. After the coronation, the castle gets another visit from Lord Harkon, who bestows the gift of immortality upon Varash II. He is thrilled and promises to serve Lord Harkon’s interests for as long as they both shall live. Varash III, the son of King Varash II, is disgusted with both his father
and Lord Harkon. In his rage, he plots to destroy his father. When his father discovers this plot writes a letter to Lord Harkon in hopes of receiving his aid, but before the letter is sent he is assassinated by three people in black robes, who leave him as a bloody ruin upon the floor.
Varash III is crowned the new king shortly after his farther’s tragic murder.
Varash III attempts to destroy Harkon as the vampire lord arrives to bestow his gift upon the newly crowned king. Several vampire hunters are killed in the attempt and Harkon escapes the trap. Infuriated, Harkon declares war on the new king for his treachery. Lord Harkon sends his minions to infest the lands with a curse, causing the undead to rise from their resting places, making the forest unfriendly and very dangerous. Trade to the castle is stopped and the king lacks resources to repel Harkon.

At this time, King Varash III makes this decree:

“In the days of my most esteemed ancestor, Pelenth I, our people fought the grave threat of werewolves in our forests. This day the threat is even greater! Vampires have infected our castle walls, defiling everything our ancestors fought for. Thus, I have made it my mission to purge the castle of this new threat, and I will see the vampires and their influence driven out from our home! Henceforth, I shall hereby be known as Pelenth II!”
Despite Pelenth II's best efforts, his son Haner turns to the enemy’s side, starting a revolt against Pelenth II’s rule. With the aid of dark magic, Haner
creates a new breed of soldiers, made with the combination of the feared orcs and the stout gargoyles. The forces of Pelenth II fall quickly to this new threat and Pelenth II himself is killed by his own son during the battle.

Haner is crowned as the new King of Raven Castle after the bloody battle. He commissions an expansion to the basement, building a chamber adjacent to the prison for torture and the draining of fresh blood. Fearful of losing his power, King Hanar passes the gift of vampirism to several nobles and officials, to make certain that vampires will rule the castle in the future. He also enchants the Raven Crown to ensure only the one in possession of the Raven Crown is able to control his new army. He enjoys a prosperous life and often holds great feasts for his court, although the constant threat of the undead in the forest forces him to slowly drain the treasury to protect his people. King Haner's queen
gives birth to his son Ralenthal. 
As soon as Ralenthal reaches the appropriate age, Lord Harkon returns to Raven Castle to receive his tribute and bestow his gift upon Ralenthal. Over the years, Haner gains weight and can no longer walk. His never ending hunger for blood caused him to overfeed for many years. He rules with an iron fist and tolerates no disobedience. Enamored with the purity of his own blood, King Haner wants his grandson to be a vampire of his own
blood and not Harkon's. After Ralenthal's wife Sizarra gives birth to her child, Haner orders one of his nobles to turn her into a vampire. After realizing that her child was a girl he becomes furious, as she is no longer able to give birth. When Ralenthal learns of this, he develops a deep hatred of his farther. Ralenthal turns his attention to alchemy in order to try to save the forest, but his attention is focused on his daughter, Alicia. He knows that when she comes of age, Harkon or his own farther will turn her into a vampire. In an attempt to prevent this, he manages to create a potion, along with
a restoration ritual, that will be able to prevent the curse from turning his daughter into a vampire. As Haner attempts to turn her the ritual works, preventing him from passing his accursed blood. Haner learns of Ralenthals treachery and proclaims him an enemy of the crown.

Ralenthal is forced to flee the castle with his wife and daughter. Haner interrupts their escape and only Ralenthal gets away. Sizarra is sent to Harkon's court and Haner keeps Ralenthal's daughter. In a last attempt to turn Alicia, Haner intends to make her a pure blooded vampire by offering her to Molag Bal. Haner builds a large tower behind the library
and makes a shrine to Molag Bal. As she is offered to Molag Bal, a great battle breaks out. Hordes of lycanthropes under the leadership of Ralenthal swarm the castle, Haner is imprisoned, and when Ralenthal finally finds his daughter he finds that she is now a pureblooded vampire. In his anger Ralenthal sentences his father to death. He is hung on the Executioner’s Hill, where he chokes until the morning sun burnt him away.

Ralenthal is then crowned King of Raven Castle. He rebuilt the army, but his father’s unfortunate habits have bled the treasury dry. He is unable to repay his tribute to the lycanthropes for helping him claim his throne, so the lycanthropes demand the ebony mine as payment instead. Thus, a war
with the lycanthropes broke out as Ralenthal refuses their
offer. Meanwhile, Lord Harkon learns of Haner's demise. Harkon threatens Ralenthal with the death of his wife if he does not honor their pact. Ralenthal is forced to honor the pact with Harkon's court in order to repel the lycanthropes. Once the lycanthropes are repelled, Ralenthal attempts to rescue his wife. Harkon intervenes and captures Ralenthal. Presented in the guild hall of Castle Volkihar, Ralenthal watches as Harkon rips out Sizarra's heart. Strengthened by his fury, he manages to break his bonds, but even in his anger he's no match for Lord Harkon. Ralenthal is killed by Harkons
hand. As his lifeless body falls to the ground, Harkon orders for a letter to be sent to Raven Castle and demand that Alicia honor his pact. He sends the ashes of Ralenthal and his wife Sizarra with the letter.

Alicia is crowned queen of Raven Castle. Ralenthal and Sizarra are buried side by side in the castle's small cemetery outside the Chapel. Alicia is forced to honor the pact made with Lord Harkon. Under her short rule the castle is slowly returning to its former glory. A new threat looms as the Vigilants of Stendarr's headquarters in Skyrim is burned to the
ground. The Dawnguard. Alicia vanishes, leaving Raven Castle with no heir to the throne. As the days pass, it is heard far and wide of Lord Harkon's demise. The Dragonborn of legend has killed the might vampire lord. It is declared that the Dragonborn will serve as the new ruler in the absence of the royal blood. The broken bloodline is now in the hands
of the Dragonborn.

Video previews:

Skyrim mods weekly, in the company of pee (9:50):

In german but some good shots (8:45):

Thanks to the people who filmed and reviewed my mod.

Keep in mind this is a work in progress and it has been updated and changed since the video footage of these previews.


The very first event in Raven castle is now finished.

-Defend Raven Fortress-
To access the area use the doorway from executioner's hill. This will take you to a fortress under siege by lycans. Once you enter speak to the captain at the top of the middle tower. If you play on a high difficulty or have an ill equipped character I recommend to take a follower or 3 with you. If you do not go up to the captain at the tower you'll have time to walk around the place and have a look before the battle. This is great if you want to place your followers around the place for a better defense.

-In progress/future plans-

I am now working on a new castle mod. Featuring a land and town like the one in blood and wine dlc from the witcher 3. I don't have any plans for more updates on raven castle.

-It requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn, there is no exception to this.

-It is not lore friendly. I'm working on making it so.

-I do not like house mods where you can go "Fus ro dah!" and everything flies around so all the clutter is static meshes.

-Nor am I a fan of collecting stuff and show it off so there won't be any mannequins or plaques in the castle it's just... Eyecandy!

-Walking on the roof of the castle may cause you to fall through, save yourself with the fast travel markers or dont stand on the roof.

-There has been alot of talk about making a quest line and a dungeon out of it. There are quite a few reasons why I won't do this. First off I know very little of making quests and the time it takes to learn that alone is a reason. This project started because I wanted a castle and noone had made one to my standards. Lastly it is still very far from being finished and I have other plans for future expansions to be made.

-I know there is an FPS loss in the library.

-The castle rooms are filled with clutter, furniture and NPC's. To achieve this I have a lot of cells. This means a lot of load doors. They are well worth the wait though!

I applaud translations and henceforth you can freely make any changes or use this mod as you please. I'd consider it a good gesture to notify me before you reupload the mod somewhere. But it isn't nessecary. The only thing you have to do is to credit everyone that I have and preferebly myself ofcause.

This Also means that if you want to reupload for steam workshop go ahead. However I will not be checking that site or help with any issues unless they are brought to my attention by P.M. or in a post here.

Thanks a lot for the beautiful work on meshes and textures from:

Vampirecastle by Zardalu
Witchwood cabin by Reaper9111 -Also thanks for the many pointers I have gotten from you!
Graves of Falkreath by dj2005
General stores by Harvey2112
Open books by Blary
FoodContainer by Blary
Potionshelf by Blary
Paintings and frames by Artisanix
Stroti Organs
Stroti Manor
Stroti RessourcePack
Stroti Castle Furniture
Stroti OvenRessource
Runspectresources for modders
Tony67 scrollshelves
Oaristys modder's resource pack
BrettM FPI researchpack
Rustic windows by Gamwich
City Banner replacer by Insanity
Sizirri for navigation mesh, the Raven Crest and banners, custom paintings/portraits, description-writing and telling me where I can place another gargoyle.
LOD creation by Aragorn58
Candles by nostromo79
Vege mesh by refurbmadness
Plants by tamira

You guys are awesome and Raven Castle wouldn't be the same without your work!

--If you see your resource haven't been creditted send me a message and I'll correct it as soon as possible!--

I hope you have as much fun exploring Raven Castle as I have!




What's new 0.7

Some lighting fixes
more rooms decorated
NPCs Guards
New Throne
Exterior detail
New Princess bed
Raven mountain shrine have been erased and replased. More will come to that when I have permission to do so.

NPCs Have been added to:

The exterior
Entrance Hall
Ball Room
Private stairway
Throne room

New Rooms:

Guest Tower 1
Guest Tower 2
Guest Tower 3
Guest Tower 4

Library Srudy
Library Tower
Forbidden Library
Trophy Room
Forbidden Tower

What's new 0.7.2

lighting in dining hall (small change)
npcs in dining hall
dark faces fixed

What's new 0.8

Dining hall lighting
Ballroom guards repositioned
changed the doors in knight's quarter to load doors (to make sure followers stay inside)
Removed the dagger from the jester
Moved the tables in labrary study further away from eachother
minor fixes to the clutter
Chairs in the dining hall given more space

Finished Noble Quarter
Servants quarter
Gate hall/tower

What's new 0.9

Nobles quarter opened
Servants quarter/kitchen
Gate hall

New Tree Meshes
Unique Blood tree
Redone the gardens
New Mountains Rocks instead of dirt mounds
Passage from the private stair to the throne room
Altered the Princess' tower
More lighting updates
Added a chapel in the Royal garden
Altered the torture room
Made adjustments to the royal bath
Remade the front of the cathedral
Altered the Raven Mountain and the path to the top
Decorated the courtyard
New stable




Shop NPCs
Containers, chests and cabins added are now containers.
added treasury income chest added (( !!Warning!! Not safe storage))
Added respawning supply chest in the smithy (( !!Warning!! Not safe storage))
added enchanting box with respawning grand soul gems (( !!Warning!! Not safe storage))
added alchemy satchel with respawning alchemy ingredients (( !!Warning!! Not safe storage))
NPC's mood towards the player (should be a little better)
More easter eggs
Fixed alignment of some floor/wall/roof pieces not aligned in the crypt
adjusted Cathedral lighting
Adjusted lighting in the crypt

Raven Guardian rests at the top of raven mountain
Adjusted Library to lag less and added books to the containers
Added Underground Cave access from alchemy tower
New Chandeliers in the ballroom, throne room and dining hall
New candles around the finer parts of the castle
Added princess book caontaining each of every book in the game
Added Each of every book to the containers in the library
Fixed clipping of some sithis glass going through the stairs in library tower
Added a book explaining the castle's history
You might wanna carry a weapon with you when you wander around the forest and some parts of the castle

Minor hotfix for the Meridia quest starting upon killing Vaclav.

Sorted navmash so followers should be able to walk all the way to the castle now.
Placed a few more trees in the roadside towards the castle.
Opened the path to the castle so it isn't so overgrown.
Made adjustments to some stairways so they have rails.
Slight change to the cathedral.

Sorted incorrect navmesh in noble's tower, noble's hallway, royal garden and bath room.
Adjusted the Royal bedroom so the room itself isn't a walkway to get further up.
Adjusted the outside windows to match the new change in the Royal bedroom.
Added a child bed in the Royal tower. So far the only one.
Added an extra servant outside the princess tower.
Corrected the floating door in one of the terraces.

Corrected guards sitting on the chairs in the council hall.
Added more grass around the exterior.
Added new tombstones to the graveyard.
Made the tarrace above the royal garden covered.

Changed some guard posting
Adjusted the princess' bed so there isn't two beds on top of eachother
Added new princess med sheets
Added more lights in the tower stairs of the royal section of the castle
Added a coffin to the princess tower
More lighting adjustments an ,issue with the lighting in the stairway have forced me to make a small change to the cell.
Adjusted a door in noble quarters that had sunken into the floor
Adjusted the window lights with the relativly same effect but less beams should look better for the enb users
Adjusted the throne cover so it no longer gives a marker for you to sleep there
Adjusted floating books in library tower
Changed the bookshelves in library tower to reduce fps loss
Added new secret doors with the Volkihar texture to make them much less obvious Some are actually hard to see now
Adjusted windows in nobletower and gave them a better frame
Moved the exit from the escape tunnel so even normal/tall people can get out of the castle from there
Adjusted a prison guard patrol that was porting due to poorly made navmeshing
Flipped a door in the guard resting area so it's now facing the right way
Moved the family portait from the office to the ballroom
Adjusted floating cooks that apparently started flying when they where working
Changed torturor voice from "old kindly" to "brute"
Made a passage over the marsh from the secret exit tunnel
Adjusted the road mist so you don't walk under the mist on the way to the top of the castle
Added Royal Raven Crown
Added vol 2 and 3 of the castle's history

-Important!- Due to the change in the quest I recommend that everyone who completed the quest makes a clean install before upgrading to the new version.
-Replaced fog over the water again the one from SC looked terrible
-Adjusted the raven crown so it can be worn with a circlet
-Fixed several flotong objects around the place
-Adjusted the quest for the fortress defence per Aragorn58's instructions so it should progress after the courtyard now
-gave all the paintings their own texture path. I get sad when I see you taking those nice pictures of my place and then I see Talos instead of a king portrait.
-Added toggles to the npcs in the ballroom, dining hall, noble tower, knights' hall, council tower and the royal library area. All these can be toggled on off from the royal office. I've placed scrolls that indicate what they are changing. I placed them there deliberately so that there were no visual porting for the npcs. Also as a note there's no sound effect or otherwise to tell you if they are there or not. Since it's only a momentary feature I don't plan to make that much more off it.
-Added the files to a bsa

Fixed a bug where Vaclav chills around riften
Fixed a bug where the Raven guardian appears with the dragon in labyrinthian

The knights are now followers
Added a steward which is also a follower
Changed the dog in the kitchen to a husky Also a follower
Remade gate hall 1st floor into a guard quarter
The former guard quarter is now the upperclass quarters
The servants quarter is now only for the female servants
The male servants have been moved to the smithy rooms
All unique npc servants and a good portion of the guards now have daily schedules
The knights council, the high council, court trial and school event is no longer required to be activated

The knights are now followers for real this time
Added a steward which is also a follower for real this time
Fixed a seem in the tower walls
Fixed some lighting with the windows
Updated the windows so they all have glow
Fixed the prisoner event so there is an audience
Fixed a problem with the princess bed that said "someone else is using this"

added a new sky in the fortress

--------------Completed Raven Castle Rooms--------------

-Exterior Forest-

Raven Cave/Forest Entrance
Blood Tree
Raven Mountain


Cathedral 1st floor
Cathedral Stairs
Cathedral Bell Tower

-Center Building-

Entrance Hall
Ball Room
Grand Hallway
Private Stairway
Royal Quarters
Royal Bedroom
Royal Study
Main Tower
Black Tower
Princess Tower
Alchemy Tower
Guest Tower 1
Guest Tower 2
Guest Tower 3
Guest Tower 4

-East Wing-

Throne Room
Throne Room Access Stair

-Eastern Building-

Accountance room
Bath Room
Garden Chambers
Private study
Royal Office/Living Room
Royal Garden Tower
Overlook Tower
Royal Tower

-West Wing-

Library Study
Library Tower
Forbidden Library
Trophy Room
Forbidden Tower
Dining Hall
Servant's quarters
Servant's Tower
Cornor tower

-West Tower-

Noble's Hallway
Noble's Tower
Noble Quaters
Noble's Room 1
Noble's Room 2
Noble's Room 3
Noble's Room 4
Advicor's Quarters
Advicor's Tower

-South-West Wing-

Guard quarters
Smithy Room 1
Smithy Room 2
Smithy Room 3
Smithy Room 4
Smithy Room 5
Armory Tower
Barracks Resting Quarters
Guard Tower

-South-East Wing-

Knight's Hall
War Room
Knight's Quarters
Knight's Rooms 1
Knight's Rooms 2
Knight's Rooms 3
Knight's Rooms 4
Knight's Rooms 5
Knight's Rooms 6
Knight's Rooms 7
Lookout tower
Council tower
Council tower top


Torture Room
Wine Celler

-Southern Courtyard-

Gate Guard Tower
Gate Tower Tunnel
Gate Lookout Tower
Gate Hall
Gate Hall Stairs
Gate Hall south Tower
Gate Hall north Tower
Gate Hall 1st floor
Gate Hall center Tower

-Royal Garden-