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Super realistic textures and mesh replacer for Skyrim wolves.

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This mod is my own personal take on what wolves in Skyrim SHOULD have looked like right from the beginning.

To me, Vanilla Skrim wolves have always seemed way too ugly, skinny, plastic and manky! 
Any wolf with even half an ounce of hunting ability in skyim should be fat and healthy, especially when you consider the sheer abundance of 'easy prey' in Skyrim.

The aim is to 'pretty up' the wovles and give them a realistic appearace closer to what they are in nature: stunningly beautiful killing machines!

Video BY hodilton

Video by Thyworm

Video By misalen

Video By Referer TESHDVideos

Video by izon87604 - Nozi87

Mod Includes:

  • New Mesh which I have tweaked from the original vanilla wolves, which gives Skyrim wolves a more refined and healthy look, fluffier tails and fuller bodies.
  • New textures (2k compressed) in nine different coat colour variations and new normal maps. Brightness options made to suit both vanilla and ENB users.
  • Wolf pelt textures to match each type of wolf installed.
  • Tweaked and improved specular shaders: I have made the wolves less plastic looking and have edited the _SK map to stop them from appearing to GLOW at night or when in shadows.
  • Optional new wolf dog companion Lola: Based on my childhood dog Lola who passed away at the grand old age of 18; A beautiful German shepherd and Keeshond cross. BEST DOG EVER... really...

Patches Available For:


  • Automatic Variant Packs
  • Patch for Skyrim Immersive Creatures - Partial patch uploaded. Replaces all textures (except Plague Wolf) and most meshes. Should eliminate any texture problems.
  • Hopefully new versions of my mesh to work with Dynamic Wolf Follower
  • Texture pack for Call of the North Revisited.
  • Bug fixing for Lola AI - she sometimes is hard to recruit, and can get lost when changing cells. Next full update will have better AI for lola and she will also be available as standalone on the download page :)
  • 1k mesh replacer version.


* 17/0302015 - Added Lola Standalone - German translation by Queenieangel

Fixed the issue when installing the Garm patch with NMM.

Added a patch for Garm the Husky.

Added a patch for Animallica.
Also uploaded a meshes-only file for vanilla.

Fixed the bug in the installers that wouldn't allow you to install certain combinations of colors.
Also fixed the source file paths for snow wolf texture options in the SIC patch installer.

Fixed issue when installing the SIC patch with NMM.

Added partial patch for Skyrim Immersive Creatures. Fixes texture mismatches and give the option for the new meshes for most wolves.

Added textures-only versions for SkyTEST in 1k and 2k resolutions.

*Have now added a replacer version for skyTEST users made by ShimoOkami, both 1k and 2k. This version does not include Lola, you will need to download her separately.

V - 1.2:

ACHTUNG!!  I forgot to include the Lola Scripts, so please download the scripts from the DL page, I have re-uploaded the 1.2 version with correct scripts! so if you are new to this mod it should work fine :)

  • 1k FULL replacer version now uploaded.

  • Added Lola as a stand alone follower, with the option to choose her coat colour from any of the wolf colours included. You can install this version over the FULL replacer' or the 'Textures only' version if you want to choose her coat colour!!

  • First round of fixes for Lola AI: She now has more commands for interaction, can steal and interact with objects, attack selected NPCs and Wait. Future updates will hopefully have more dialogue options, such as: Introduction dialogue, 'feed treat', praise, ect. * please note!! The FULL version does not include the option to choose Lola's coat colour, you will need to overwite it with the stand alone one if you want the coat colour options.


Q: Your wolves are too cute! I can't (wont) kill them anymore!!
A: Try a behaviour changing mod which makes the wolf AI more skittish and shy! That way you can have your cute wolves and not feel bad about hurting them.

Q: Will this mod be compatible with 'insert mod here'.....?

A: Compatibility patching and packs are in progress for:
Automatic Variants, Skyrim Immersive Creatues, Dynamic Wolf follwer, Animallica, Call of the North (texture pack)... and probably heaps more in the future...

Q: Is this compatible with Realistic ragdolls and force?

A: Should be! if you don't want the skeletons included (vanilla) then simply don't install them. If the mod breaks and you have eyes in the wrong places, you can install my skeleton over the top of RR&F skeletons, according to the RR&F description, you will still maintain the force vales from RR&F even if you overwrite their skeletons with new ones. I personally use RR&F and have had no issues with vanilla skeletons which come with this mod. Experiment! just make sure you back up your existing skeleton first!!

Q: Lola doesn't follow, or goes missing when changing cells!
A: Lola was my first attempt at an animal follower, I will update her AI and give her some more dialogue as soon as I have time and figure out how to do so! For now if you have issues with her, you can try re-loading the cell you are in to see if that fixes her issues. (The original real lola was prone to wandering off, since when she got to be THAT old (18 human years! she was blind, deaf and had a serious case of dementia. poor old puppy!!

Q: Can you re-texture 'insert skyrim animal here' ???

A: Yes I can, and probably will eventually! though it might take a while since I have a life outside of modding and various assignments due in the next month for University. waah!


For anyone having the invisible Lola issue, I forgot to add 'dog' to the end of the 'character assets dog' mesh folder, all you need to do is rename the character assets folder with the Lola.nif in it. Easy fix!!

Have also now got textures ONLY versions for those of you who think the new meshes are too cute, or husky like. (Google wolf BTW, the new meshes look closer to real wolves than the vanilla ones do! But i do understand it is hard for some people to 'kill' cute things)
If you overwite the new meshes with the 'textures only version' your wovles will have only one eye and grey teeth... DO NOT DO IT.


None! You can use this with or without ENB, Looks great in Vanilla also!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Feed the Animals by fadingsignal, so you can give Lola treats!


Included Patch for Dogs of Skyrim 2.0 users: Makes the wolves in Jorrvaskr use a new mesh with the eyes in the correct place. (no more blind wolves!)

WIll conflict with anything which replaces or edits wolf textures or meshes, install this AFTER other texture replacers like Bellyaches textures if you want my wolves to overwrite their textures and show in game.

Normal map textures will appear on some of the dogs added by the Dogs of Skyrim mod, which uses the same normal map file. This is not an issue with my mod, but rather DOS which is looking at the wolf texture. Its not at all a BAD thing, as they look rather good on the dogs! Just something to be aware of!

Reported to not work with Skryim Immersive Creatures - A patch has been made to fix any issues.

NMM Installation (recommended):

  1. Download with NMM and click install.
  2. Choose your coat colour and optional add-ons in the installer.
  3. Click yes to overwrite existing files.
  4. Play!

Manual installation:

  1. Back up your original texture replacers if you have one.
  2. Manually download the mod file.
  3. Extract the files to your computer, copy the mesh folders and their contents into the skyrim Data folder. click yes to overwrite existing files.
  4. Select the three coat colours you would prefer (images can be found  in the FOMOD folder to help you choose) and copy the contents into the skyrim data folder. click yes to overwrite existing files.
  5. For Dogs of Skyrim Users:Copy the contents of the DOS patch folder, and replacement dogs-of-skyrim.esp into your skyrim data folder. click yes to overwrite existing files.
  6. PLAY!

Known Issues:

I tried my best to make the lighting shaders work with both ENB and vanilla to get the best and most realistic appearace for the skin, there may be issues with some ENB setups, but I cant make it work with ALL of them! If you find that your particular ENB setting just makes the wolves look horrible, then I suggest downloading nifskope and tweaking the glossiness and specular shaders until you get something which works with your personal setup.

Some slight issues with the teeth placement in the wolves when snarling. I'm not sure what is causing it, probably a bone weighting issue. It's not that noticeable unless you are taking side profile close up screenshots when in combat.


I will NOT allow any part of this mod to be used in another mod which is sold for a profit, or re-uploaded on a site which has any kind of paid scheme.

You have my permission to modify any of the textures or meshes for personal use. Both meshes and textures can be used for other mods but only with my premission first. :)

If you want to make an Automatic Variants pack please go ahead! you totally have my permission for that! Just let me know so I can put a link to it on here!

I am too lazy to make one myself just yet, since I dont use AV on this laptop since it wouldn't handle it with all the other mods. I might eventually get around to making one which includes all of my other re-textures for things like the rabbits, boar, cows and horses which I am still working on.

FYI: I  have re-uv mapped the mesh, so that the textures now have TWO seperate eyes. So if anyone wants to re-texture a personal companion wolf you can make their eyes different colours!

Thanks to:

Bethesda for making Skyim!
Sparrowprince for giving me an example of on how to create the FOMOD installer.
My Doggies Zena, Lola (R.I.P) and Scruffy (R.I.P) for providing the fabulous stock images used to make these textures!
Cwinkler340 for encouraging me to make these textures available for you all.
My amazing partner, for being super patient with me while I am indulging in my re-texturing and totally ignoring the poor man for days on end!!

ENB used in screenshots is
Zoners High Performance ENB