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Makes changes to the alchemy shop in Whiterun. Adds unique clutter and many decorations. Cleaned with TESVEdit. Re-Uploaded.

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A True Arcadia's Cauldron makes changes to the alchemy shop in Whiterun to make it more unique and beautifully decorated.


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Unique Content

-->This mod adds unique content provided from various modder's resources into Arcadia's Cauldron giving it a lore friendly and attractive makeover.
-->Adds a cute rabbit pet that stays close to Arcadia.
-->Much more clutter added that gives the alchemy shop a more "lively" and "professional" feel.
-->Static items added - no havok and no mess.
-->New collection of potions added to give her a more store feel. These are static items and cannot be picked up.
-->Cleaned with TESVEdit.

Let me know if you run into any problems! Thanks.

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Thank You's and Whys

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who downloaded this mod the first time around and wanted to apologize for the issues you may have experienced. Now for an explanation on my part. X)

First time I uploaded I forgot to add the mesh/texture folders to the archive. And then I forgot to add an updated esp after I fixed a few more bugs in the CK. Now this time around I hope nothing has been left out and that everything will be in working order. I blame my forgetfulness on working too much. XD Anyway, thanks for downloading my mod and I hope you enjoy it!


Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67
Various resources used by Blary
FPI Experiment Pack 1 by The Fuzzy Physics

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