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The aim here is to create a balance between making cooking a worthwhile addition to the game but ensuring a reasonable gap between cooking and alchemy remains. New recipes are added and existing ones altered. All restore stat affects on all food and drink has been changed to an over time effect.

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[size="5"]Cooking Recipes, Food and Drink Overhaul Version 1.05[/size]

The aim here is to create a healthy balance between making cooking a worthwhile addition to the game but ensuring a reasonable gap between cooking and alchemy remains. That said, food was very underwhelming and during several play throughs I never once made use of it. This mod attempts to also make cooking, food and drink far more worthwhile additions to the game, without destroying the balance in the process.

This mod adds around 40 new cooking recipes and alters the effects on all existing food and drinks to make them more worthwhile. New soups and stews are added along with two new food types, casserole and omelet.

Regeneration effects are used to replace the vanilla retore x amount effect. This allows food to remain useful to any level player.

Care is taken to ensure alchemy isn't made redundant in the process. Weights are also rebalanced to their actual size in the game, rather than a blanket 0.5 weight.

[size="3"]Version 1.05 Recipe Changes[/size]

Hearthfire Version

Foods have had their durations increased to better suit the timescale in Skyrim. A good meal will last longer than a quick snack. Some foods have had their effects slightly reduced. Fortify effects will last the longest, with regeneration effects lasting the least. There is also a new level requirement needed to cook the later recipes, these are below with the revised times.

Rank 1 = 6-12 minutes
Rank 2 = 15-30 minutes
Rank 3 = 24-48 minutes (Requires level 10 to create)
Rank 4 = 30-60 minutes (Requires level 20 to create)

Alcohol has also been rebalanced to offer a better balance between the negative and positive effects.

Cooked foods (Rank 2+) are now available at Inns (HF recipes requiring oven not included). The later meals will require the player to be a certain level before becoming available. The requirements are the same as above.

One of the comments requested this feature and I agree that it really should be included. The mod alters the "lvlItemFoodInnCommon" Leveled List to accomplish this. I'm unsure of any other mods that alter this but please be sure to comment if you have problems with it.

As a side effect of this, these cooked meals can be sold at inns also. Please report any that aren't or any other problems so they can be fixed.


[size="3"]Version 1.0 Recipe Changes[/size]
Version 1.0 brings with it 26 new recipes over the original versions, bringing the total to 51 cooking recipes. There are now also 4 ranks of foods instead of the original 3.

Original recipes have been reworked. This includes more ingredients, revised food effects and new resistance effects added to several foods. These are kept to a minimum however.

As promised there are no skill enhancement effects found in the recipes and certainly no overpowered tomatoes.

[size="3"]Food and Drink[/size]
Existing food and drink has been given a complete overhaul. All restore effects are changed to affect base regeneration rates meaning foods will remain useful at all levels, unless of course you cheated.

Several cooked foods have been given a buff, the fortify durations have been increased slightly and regeneration effects are in place. The effects are also in keeping with my heal over time potions mod and will work perfectly together.


[size="3"]There are currently 2 versions of this file available.[/size]

Revised Weights
Food and Drink have been given new weights where needed. They are mostly set from the size of the item in game. I have no idea why Honey was given a 0.1 weight and is about the size of a bucket though.

Weights are removed entirely.

[size="3"]Translated Versions of 1.0 require translators.[/size]
[size="3"]Italian Translated Version of 0.7 still available.[/size]
[size="3"]Vanilla Weights Versions will be released at a later date[/size]


Buffs to Health, Stamina and Magicka are added to a variety of food types with a couple of resistant foods thrown in for good measure. There are no skill enhancement foods currently and unlikely ever to be as this is an area for Alchemy.

Regeneration effects are added on almost all foods and covers Health, Stamina and Magicka. These will work alongside active potions and beverages but will not stack with other foods affecting the same stats.

Foods are split into four separate ranks.

Rank 1 Food
These are your average just chuck it on the fire and hope for the best type of foods. These increase the regeneration rate of health/magicka/stamina by a certain figure. These are often vendor bought or found on the occassional bandit.

Baked Potatoes
Stamina Regen is increased by 8% lasts for 2 minutes.

Rank 2 Food
These are a little more refined and need some more ingredients. These will often give a fortify buff alongside a regeneration effect similar to above.

Tomato Soup
Increase Health by 20 for 20 minutes
Stamina Regeneration increased by 15% for 5 minutes

Rank 3 Food
These again are more refined and need more ingredients. They are similar to above but a little stronger and longer lasting.

Beef Stew
Increase Health by 25 for 25 minutes
Stamina Regeneration increased by 20% for 10 minutes

Rank 4 Food
New for version 1.0. These are far more refined and need even more ingredients. They are much stronger than above.

Beef Casserole
Increase Health by 60 for 30 minutes
Stamina Regeneration increased by 40% for 15 minutes


Beverages have been improved, most feature a fortify effect alongside a negative regeneration on Stamina. These will work alongside active potions and foods but will not stack with other drinks affecting the same stats.

Alto Wine
Fortify Health by 5 for 2 minutes
Stamina Renegeration Reduced 30% for 5 minutes


[size="3"]Planned changes for 1.1[/size]
New models and textures


[size="3"]Installation Guide[/size]
Unzip the file and extract it to your data folder.


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