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Two custom, fully-voiced followers to choose from, with special optional skills, functionalities, and personalities.

Permissions and credits
!!! NOTICE ON 1.3.1
If you had Loose 1.3, you MUST delete these files from your /data/scripts/ folder:
  • tif__03024c49.pex
  • tif__0201a78f.pex
  • ski_configmenu.pex
  • dialoguefollowerscript.pex


This mod is NOT lore friendly! Carry on if that isn't your cup of tea.

This is a mod made tangent with my dark fantasy comic, Wingless: The Dovecote Princess. It features two fully-voiced companions, Ephelia and Magnus, the protagonists of Wingless. 

Originally, there were 5 followers planned, but the amount of work was excruciating so I decided on only two and I have no idea if anyone would like this mod enough to finish up the others. The accumulated days I spent doing this are not worth any amount of internet points.

Note: If you actually plan on reading my webcomic, I suggest to avoid choosing the option "Let's talk about something," because there are spoilers. The reason is because I made this mod before I ever considered making a webcomic (this mod was created in September, 2012). Some of it isn't canon though, so, just take it with a grain of salt (if you don't care about my webcomic, then you don't need to worry about any of this). Onward!



-STAND-ALONE VARIABLES! Do you want to have other followers from other mods or vanilla be with you? THEN DO IT. But you can only have ONE Wingless follower.


-FOLLOWERS LEVEL UP AND GET PERKS AND SPECIAL SKILLS! Do you not like this? THEN TURN IT OFF. (only skills, not perks)


-CONFIGURE THE WHOLE DAMN MOD IN MCM! Do you not like something? Skills? Talking? Gathering? Any of this? THEN TURN IT OFF.


More features? Who knows, maybe if people care about this mod!


Do you not have SKSE/SkyUI? TOO BAD. YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Because I want YOU to enjoy the mod to its fullest, I put this as a requirement in the downloads even though it is not. I DO WHAT I WANT.

Things that will happen when you have SKSE and SkyUI:

-(SkyUI) You can use the MCM Config Menu to manage the various variables rather than using console "set."
-(SKSE) Instead of going repeatedly to a corpse and picking things up one by one, your follower will instantly loot everything of value from them in one fell swoop.
-(SKSE) You can configure whether followers will play offensive or defensively, melee or ranged.
-(SKSE) Force close inventory on giving follower a gift. That way you can actually hear the response and... gasp... determine whether they liked it or not.
-(SKSE) Followers say stuff about the current cell/location you are in.
-(SKSE) Better loot configuration options.
-(SKSE) Configurable carry weight for followers.

Optional: Recommended "Ask Follower Skills" Mod. Works with Wingless mod and you can see your characters' levels, stats, etc.

Wingless doesn't use vanilla alias/dialogue variables, so there should be no conflict with mods that let you have more than one follower and whatnot. However, I do not know if UFO works with this mod (I do not use it, and really, nor do I even use any mods that deal with followers at all so I don't know any compatibility between other follower mods).

Known Issues
Followers will repeatedly walk to already-harvested flora nodes. 

Followers, if they are looting outside of containers, can only take 1 item per trip. So if there are 5 separate pieces of gold on a table, they will take 5 trips to get all 5 pieces of gold. 

Sometimes if the item/container is too far on a ledge, the follower can't grab it. They will walk to the table over and over without getting the item. You can thank Bethesda AI pathing for that.

Things followers say about locations are solely dependent on the locations' keywords. They might say odd things from time to time. I once walked near a Dark Brotherhood door and Ephelia told me it looked like a good place to rest. I did not heed her suggestion and I do not encourage you to do the same. I think I fixed this, but there are probably other strange things they might say sometimes.
As this is my first mod, I have probably many bugs floating around and did a ton of things wrong, so reporting them would be great. I'll fix them as soon as humanly possible!

Manual installation
  1. Place the files AnniFollowersWingless.esp and AnniFollowersWingless.bsa in your Skyrim data folder. (Don't know where that is?)
  2. Enable the plugin however you want (manually editing plugins.txt, using the Nexus Mod Manager, or clicking the check boxes in SkyrimLauncher.exe).
  3. To check if your installation correctly worked, you can type "help ephelia" in the console, and if it returns data, then it was installed correctly.

  1. Dismiss your follower in-game. Not doing so might cause lingering vanilla data I use to conflict with your game if the mod is uninstalled without dismissing your follower.
  2. Save and exit the game. 
  3. Disable the plugin.
  4. On starting Skyrim again, create a new save (do not save over the original save, just make a new one). Doing this will reset all of your disposition, in case you wish to reinstall later.

Upgrading Versions
See "Changes" tab for update information.

v1.0 -> 1.1
  1. Back up your save file (I'm not responsible for anything if you fail to do this).
  2. Replace the old .esp and .bsa files with the new ones. 
  3. You should see an "Initializing Wingless updates" notification in-game if the update is successful.

v1.0 / 1.1 -> 1.2
  1. Back up your save file (I'm not responsible for anything if you fail to do this).
  2. Replace the old .esp and .bsa files with the new ones. 
  3. You should see an "Updating from version 1.1" notification in-game if the update is successful.
  4. If you currently have either Magnus or Ephelia in your service, dismiss them and then re-hire them immediately. This will reset variables from the old version into the new version when re-hiring them.

  1. Back up your save file (I'm not responsible for anything if you fail to do this).
  2. Dismiss your follower!
  3. Replace the old .esp and .bsa files with the new ones. 
  4. You should see an "Updating from version X" notification in-game if the update is successful.
  5. You can now rehire your follower.

Me: Everything. Almost.
Dan Macnaughton: He voices Magnus and a big shout-out to him for somehow putting up with my erratic directing and general batshittery. God bless that poor man.
RazorHowl: For being a bro and testing my bug-riddled crap and giving me ideas.

Thanks to Burn, Frost and Shock mod for having a simple MCM script to base mine off of.
Thanks to Vilja Companion Mod for inspiring me to make this mod.
Thanks to Followers Can Relax mod package for teaching me how to use packages.
Thanks to Creation Kit forums for answering my many questions.
Thanks to the creators of all textures/models I used (see characters section for specifics).
Thanks to you, potential downloader of my mod, for gifting me with some kind of validation for spending so much time coding this garbage and giving me courage to continue because I figured that at least one person on the Nexus would use it....maybe...hopefully.

Armour credits in pictures:
(Ephelia) Tribunal Robes by Zairaam and Natterforme
(Magnus) Ascendant Armour from TERA Armour Collection by asianboy345
TERA Weapons Collection by Iromizu

  • You are not authorized to upload this file anywhere else without my permission. If you want to, please just ask.
  • You cannot modify this file without my permission (unless you're using it only for yourself of course).
  • You cannot claim ownership of this mod. ... Why would you, anyway?


A young lady on a journey to become a knight. Allied to the natural order of the world, she tackles adversities head-first and always finishes what she starts, no matter the consequences. However, she hides a terrible secret...

Ephelia is a magician and one-handed weapon user. Her magic element is unknown to Tamriel, thus cannot be resisted by anything. She is a character that goes well paired with a melee warrior. She hangs around the cemetery in Falkreath.

  • Her first ability is Pestilent Touch. If Ephelia's magicka is less than 50%, she will absorb 5% of the enemy's magicka (configurable in MCM) with every melee or ranged strike.

  • Her second ability is Defragmentation. Ephelia may consume weak enemies that strike her (enemies below 30% health), sharing the remaining health with her and the player. The success rate can be configured.

  • Her third ability is Polluted Innocence. When Ephelia falls below 30% health, she may turn into a chaos elemental for 20 seconds, healing her and increasing her damage. This can only happen every 10 minutes.

  • Her fourth ability, Sanctissimi Sacramenti, can be unlocked by reaching mid-tier disposition. During battle, Ephelia regenerates 4 health a second for allies within 50 feet of her.

  • Her fifth ability, Gabriel's Horn, can be unlocked by reaching high-tier disposition. If player falls below 30% health, Ephelia heals the player's health, as well as increasing one-handed, two-handed and marksman abilities by 10 for 15 seconds. This can only happen every 10 minutes.

In all, Ephelia is a rounded character that is both supportive and offensive. She can heal the player with Defragmentation and later Sacramenti, but also self-sustain her magic usage with Pestilent Touch. Her weaknesses are her relatively low mana pool, her lack of skill in light or heavy armour, and she can't be healed by the players' magic.

Hair: Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only by radioragae
Eyes: Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Face: SG Female Textures Renewal by hellosanta
Body: UNP by dimon99

A criminal wanted across his home kingdom for numerous felonies, this fierce ex-Royal Paladin is a sturdy addition to your side. But is this berserker is bad as they claim...?

Magnus is a two-handed swordsman, adept with bows and heavy armour. He is a very hard-hitting and sturdy character who is paired well with a reckless playstyle, especially for mages. He can be recruited in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun. He comes equipped with iron armour as default.

  • His first ability is Bloody Conviction. When Magnus gets hit below 30% health, there is a chance to trigger the skill, which rapidly regenerates his health and stamina for 15 seconds. This has a cooldown of 5 minutes.

  • His second ability is Brunswick Manifesto, which is a passive skill. Magnus gains 5% attack power for every 5% health the player has missing. Applies only when he is wielding a 2h weapon.

  • His third ability is J'accuse, a passive area-of-effect skill that decreases the fire and frost resist of any enemies within 50 feet of him. This is a great skill to be coupled with magic.

  • His fourth ability, Divine Inspiration, can be unlocked by reaching mid-tier disposition. After killing an enemy, Magnus has a small chance to gain a buff that reflects 20% of his attacker's damage for 20 seconds. The success rate can be configured.

  • His fifth ability, Loin des Yeux, can be unlocked by reaching high-tier disposition. If an enemy is too far away from him, he will pull them to him. The max range is increased by how much he likes you.

In all, Magnus is a powerful entity on the battlefield who charges into enemies with no regrets. He deals massive damage and can take quite a few hits before going down; however, his weaknesses are that he possesses no healing or other magic skills, and cannot learn spells.

Hair: ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
Eyes: Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam
Face: DCE - Realistic Male Face by Drumber
Body: Better males by Chris57
Scar: It is made by myself, but, I had used High Resolution Scars by Xenius as reference to make my own, so I credit him.

Don't like any of their skills? Think they suck? Think they're too OP? Think "user ScytheEvie, what the hell were you smoking?" Feel free to turn them off using MCM or the console (see the readme file for variables to change via console). You can play the game without them entirely. (I mostly designed them to play with me on the hardest difficulty settings with Nintendo hard mods, so yeah, on a normal difficulty setting, it might not be for you.)