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Last updated at 11:10, 12 Dec 2015 Uploaded at 16:41, 15 Sep 2014

What is this:
The Mod adds around 48 HDT Tails to the Game and
now all Ears in this pack are HDT.
They all Craftable on the Forge.
Need to make New Videos.

So after waiting more then a month to get a reply from HydrogensaysHDT i think im save to upload it.
There is now a Beta File with all the Female Tails but only the Tails in the File Section.
Working on the Male Tails atm.
The Beta is made with SMP instead and not HDT-PE so u need to deinstall PE but dont worry in my beta there is all thats needed for SMP to work.
There is now a Shop outside of Whiterun where u can get the Tails.
So simply said Donwload it and install the Mod with NMM or MO but like i said its a beta and i know of one bug more then 40FPS and the tails start twitch around at least in my game.


Included are:
Matera Tails, Khajiit Tail, Dragon Tails
Battle Matera Tail, Argonian Tail, Magic Matera Tail
BoneTail, Fox Tail, Fox 5 Tail, Nekomata, Wolf Tail,
Matera Ears, Smaller Fox Ears, Cat Ears, Cat Tail,
Mouse Ears, Cow Tail and Cow Cute Tail

Added Collison Data to the Tails.
Changed the Position of the Tails so that they look more Natural.
Tested it with UNPB, UNP, CBBE and Makbody.

If you guys want other Tails PM me i look in to it.

SKSE found here:
HDT Physics Extension:

PsychoMachina found out that u go over 60FPS it causes problems with HDT so edit ure enblocal with a 60FPS limiter.

First install SKSE from

Second install HDT Physics Extension and make sure u have a good hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP.xml
Im using this one.

Third Install Groovtamas XPMSE best is 2.2 but u can use 2.14 to.
Please check if ure Skeleton i installed right because if not the Tails are standing in the Air or do other weird things.
For MO users please check that nothing is overwriting ure Skeleton.

Optional install a body to ure liking im using CBBEv3.

Then install my Mod:

Use a Mod Manager like NMM

Unzip all files and copy the Data Folder to your Skyrim Data folder

Custom Races:
Please check if ure Custom Race uses its own Skeleton if so u need to replace that.
 Normaly there should be a folder named like the Custom Race in ure skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character folder
look into it and locate if there is any file named:

The Skeleton for the Vanilla races can be found in ure Skyrim Folder under:

Male skeleton:
Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets

Female Skeleton:
Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female

For the Guys and Girls that use the HDT.xml for collision u need to edit ures so that it doesnt Collide with the Tails or use the one im providing as Optional in the Donwloads.

Incompatible MODs:
Flying Mods it seems there messing up the HDT System not only my Tails.
More then 60FPS causes problems.

ATM nothing big.

Making a Male version.
More Tails and Ears.

Charismoon for letting me use her Tails.
Faelrin for letting me use his Dragon Tails.
Jacques00art for letting me use his Meshes. 
PsychoMachina for the Support and ure Meshes.
HydrogensaysHDT for the nice HDT System.
All the guys that made the nice Body XML files.