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  1. Nazenn
    • supporter
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    Edit: My sincere appologies, the bug where you cant talk to the khajiits, It appears that this is caused by moonpath itself, its just a rare bug that is aggravated by having other mods affect the area.
    There is also a small gap in the floor when this is used, and two doors appear at the exit along with two tables in the same spot causing z-fighting to the right of the entrance to the caravan area. Every door is also doubled.
    But truely a wonderful mod and so very helpful as far as being able to use these two mods together which is great
    1. brunorajil
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      "its just a rare bug that is aggravated by having other mods affect the area." How can i fix it?
  2. kfbkfb
    • member
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    The door opening animation causes the door to clip with the wall it overlaps; you should delete the wall that the door overlaps to prevent this. Also, please clean this mod with Tes5edit.
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    I was reading the description of this mod and I seen you were having problems moving the barrel, I think I might have the perfect program you can download right here off of nexus.. its called "Placeable Statics - Move anything by Iceburg.. it gives you options to pickup, move, rotate ect any type of furniture.....Hopefully this will be an assist in your modding quest.

    WOLF :-)