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realistic HD 2k textures for Vanilla horse body. No blocky re-sized vanilla textures or normalmaps. Lore friendly horse breeds which suit the Skyrim Shaggy pony look but waaaay nicer. ALL horse breeds will now have individual eye colours and manes, also adds unique Frost and Shadowmere textures.

Permissions and credits
2k Primitive Horse Breeds

New 'realistic' 2k textures for Vanilla horse mesh.

No blocky re-sized vanilla textures or normal-maps!

All 7 types of horses have separate meshes and body textures:
Each horse breed will have different coloured eyes, bodies and manes.

Either compressed 2k or uncompressed 2k files available.

Breeds included:

Fjord Horse - Solitude
Black Fell Pony - Whiterun
Grey Fell Pony - Riften
Haflinger Horse - Markarth
Exmoor Pony - Windhelm

Unique Frost - Solid White
Unique Shadowmere - Darker Black

Optional file: a darker eyed variant for the Black Fell pony.
Optional file: Alternative Frost textures which make him a fair mealy chestnut rather than solid white.

Also thanks to thetrader for making a
Compatibility Patch for REQUIEM users

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Update 2.3:

New verision with installer by SparrowPrince. includes all optional files. You dont need to update if you have already installed 2.1 and your optional files, as this version is only to replace the existing file with an installer and no content was changed.

Update 2.1:

*Fixed texture mismatch on the Haflinger horse tails- normals were using the body texture. new version fixes this, I also uploaded JUST the .nif file so you dont need to redownload the entire mod. Just copy into meshes/actors/horse/character assets folder

I tried to get rid of as many seams as possible just using photo-shop, so there are still a few but they are in out of the way places,
such as the inner back legs where you'd never look unless you're a bit kinky for horses...

Also, check out this review by
Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds: Skyrim Mod Review



* Please note, I DO NOT use ENB and have no visual effects turned on with any of the above images, just vanilla Skyrim with texture replacers.

You NEED the esp for the textures to show, since it redirects skyrim to see the new .nif files and textures. You can however rename the
textures to what your default horses use, though you will not get unique
frost, or the different manes and eye colours. there is only one .esp
which affects all horses, frost included.


thetrader has made a patch for anyone using REQUIEM, you can find it here

Make sure you install AFTER all other horse mods and back up your game first just in-case it does any funny stuff.
This mod Really shouldn't conflict with other horse mods which only affect behaviours and such.

Reported to work with Convenient horses, Convenient horse herding, Wild horses of skyrim, Scenic carriages, and Name Your Horse.

Known Conflicts:

Any horse mods which change the horse MESH are not directly compatible as this mod introduces new .nif copies for EACH breed of horse.
Most horse mods only use ONE .nif mesh.

Textures ONLY are compatible with other horse body changing mods that use vanilla texture maps, though to get them to work requires manual installation of ONLY the texture files, AND for them to be renamed accordingly.

If you are using these textures with a different horse body mesh, you WILL need to edit the .nif files of your existing horse body to find the texture files correctly if you want the individual manes and eye colours. Otherwise just copy and rename the body colours, and your choice of two of the mane colours to your texture folder.

If you want Frosts (white horse, blue eyes) colouring for your normal breeds then just copy the frost.nif mesh and re-name it to replace one of the other horse breeds .nif that you like less.

DO NOT expect the textures to show up if you replace the body meshes without re-directing the textures in nifskope.

I *WILL NOT* make any alternative versions using any horse body replacer. If you want to seek permissions and upload a new version of these textures for a different horse body go ahead! Just link back here :D

I give permission for any other modders to edit or use these textures in their mods, though I do request that you let me know first what you are using them for and credit this mod.


Q: Why are my horses shiny?
A: The smoother normal maps and brighter alpha layer gives the horses a healthy sheen on their fur. the colour of the sheen depends on the vanilla _sk map, so regular horses have a slight blue sheen and Shadowmere has a red sheen. I can't change this and I quite like the look of it. Horses are meant to be shiny looking when cared for. Feel free to experiment with the textures if you hate it that much. :D

Q: Why does the FJord horse have glowy lines around its mane?
A: Thanks to Nivea for this info: Its the Specular Color shader in the nif, you can change it to be any color or lower it to black to help remove it. In the next release which will include more colour variants, I will look at fixing this.