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Magi items are now something to be reckoned with, double the power and much more rare so finding one feels like an achievement

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Its easy to become powerful using enchanting, but I found this a boring way to become a powerful character, and magic objects in fantasy are usually rare and give you a distinct advantage

I always wanted to seek our powerful items instead of making myself stronger easily with enchanting

Magic items now have double the strength, 10 pts fire damage becomes 20, 40pts becomes 80
50pts fortify health becomes 100, you get the idea

To balance this, magic items in levelled lists are now very rare, but there is one place you can find them.

Bandit bosses and Vampire Masters (and normal vampires) have a slight chance to have these items, this makes them a much harder foe when your facing a powerful vampire lord with an 80pts magical damage weapon!

Unique items and weapons also have an upgrade

the strength of these items doesn't exceed any more than what you can enchant, its just a more fun way to make your character stronger and gives you a mission to seek out magical artifacts

Only skyrim and the latest update
There is also a version for dragonborn that adds the levelled lists to that too


Edits most magic items and makes them double the strength
Decreases chance of finding magic items by 95%
Gives bosses a chance to have a random magic item (40 chance)
Adds a small chance of any magical item to spawn (1% chance) (regardless of level so Anything from iron to deadric)