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This mod releases all vanilla and modded armor, clothing, and jewellery for use by children.

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Armor and Clothing for Kids will now allow you to wear ALL armor, from vanilla or any other mod, all in one easy to use esp file!! :D

If you've been using a version of this mod prior to v3.0, you MUST uninstall all previous Armor and Clothing patches before installing v3.0. A clean save should not be necessary, but you will need to rebuild any TES5Edit, Wrye Bash, or Reproccer patches after install.

This new version of the mod will also fix both the error with Reguard children's hair not being hidden when wearing hats and helmets, AND will allow playable child races to see their arms in 1st person, which have been missing until now!!


This mod simply alters the child races to that they can wear any armor, shields, clothing, circlets, amulets and rings intended for adults, from the vanilla game, DLCs, or any mod!

CAUTION: Some outfits may cause a neck seam on male children. This is an issue with the vanilla mesh and beyond the ability of this mod to
correct, sorry!

This mod has been cleaned with TES5Edit and contains no scripts.

The main file currently comes in three flavours - Vanilla (with or without DLCs), RS Children Playable, and RS Children Non-Playable.

Many thanks to DetectiveToaster, who put me on the path to the full solution!

Many thanks to 5poiler for the mod showcase!!


There are three main files to choose from. Each is a single .esp file and requires Skyrim.esm. It will work with, but does not require, any of the DLCs (Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn).

Both the Playable and Non-Playable options require a version of Ranaline's RS Children Overhaul.


Download and activate as per normal with NMM, or extract the included .esp file into your Skyrim\Data folder and activate.

If using the RS Children compatible version of the mod, you must make sure it loads last in your load order, or at the very least, after any other mods that alter child appearances! If you already have either the RSChildren_playableoverride.esp or RSChildren_nonplayableoverride.esp you can replace them with the file from this mod and remove them from your load order - this mod does all that they do and more!

If you experience vanilla child clothing causing your child's body to become invisible, or amulets, rings, and circlets not appearing when your child wears them, you will find patches for each of the DLCs available in the OPTIONAL FILES section.


If you want to recruit your own apprentice, scribe, page, or any other kind of child follower, I'd strongly suggest Amazing Follower Tweaks and the following process:

  • Adopt the child as per vanilla and allow them to travel to your home
  • Visit your home and use the "AFT Make Follower" spell on them
  • Select "Manage with AFT" from their dialogue options
  • Select Tweak Menu > Gear > Manage Outfits from their dialogue options
  • Select Tweak Menu > Gear > Standard Outfit from their dialogue options in order to manage their armor and clothing

Other follower managers should provide this functionality, but your mileage may vary. AFT and the above process are the ones I use, and know work.


I'd strongly recommend the RS-compatible version of this mod in conjunction with RS Children Overhaul, because it gives Skyrim's children a much more realistic look, rather than a collection of potato heads (Bethesda, what were you thinking?).

If you'd prefer your small companions to fight alongside you, rather than running and hiding, I'd recommend my other mod Children Fight Back. Just make sure to tell them to fight back when they get into a fight! If you'd like to have multiple child followers, the page also contains instructions on how to achieve this with each of the three major follower managers!


Tested compatible:
RS Children Overhaul (and playable children's race)
Children Fight Back
KhajiitChild Maisha
Adoptable Argonian Hatchling - Chases-Starlight
My little hatchling Ram-Ku-Argonian boy
My little kitty Ma-Rakha-Khajiit boy

Untested so far:
Growing Up in Skyrim
Urshug - Adoptable Orc Child


If you find any of the armor or clothing pieces that are invisible when worn by a child, please take the following steps, which will allow you to give me the information I need to fix it.

1. Open the console with the tilde (`) key (top-left of the keyboard)
2. Type: help "name of the armor piece as it appears in your inventory" and hit Enter (the braces/brackets are required)
3. The armor piece will be listed, and to it's left will be a code like "0A0001234" - This is the item's FormID
4. Post the name and FormID of the armor, along with the child you're having problems with in the Posts section!


Except for bug fixes, (and depending on how interesting some user requests are) I'm considering this mod complete!


There's no original content here (just an original idea and a whole heap of Creation Kit work!), so no need to ask to use anything from this mod. Go right ahead and repackage/reuse it - just make sure you add some value to it (and a little credit for the inspiration would be appreciated)!

I plan on supporting and extending this mod for some time to come, but if it ends up "abandoned" for whatever reason, and someone is enthusiastic enough, feel free to pick up where I left off!


Bethesda's Skyrim Creation Kit v1.9.32.0
TESVEdit v3.0.32EXP