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Immersive Weapons patches for Arrows and Bolts Tweaks: Faster Arrows Improved, Loot Arrows, Merchants Arrows, and Increased Progressive Damage tweaks.

Now including Faster Arrows Improved patches for Crossbows Basic Collection, and Elemental Arrows.

Permissions and credits
Immersive Weapons Patches
for Arrows and Bolts Tweaks
Compatibility Project


1)Information and Notes:

-I saw that the patches previously made by Pestilenz were apparently broken, so I decided to make my own following the very well explained tutorial found at the ABT mod page, 
right here! You can try it yourself if you want, but for those of you who would rather not touch the CK I leave the modified and up-to-date Immersive Weapons.esp files that carry the changes made by the Faster Arrows Improved tweak from ABT.
Edit: Now more patches have been made for several other ABT tweaks.

-These patches are only necessary for those of you who use at least one of these four tweaks: Faster Arrows Improved, Loot Arrows, Merchants Arrows, and Increased Progressive Damage.

-Optional: Now including Faster Arrows Improved patches for Crossbows Basic Collection, and Elemental Arrows.

Let me know if something is wrong with the patches, and I'll attempt to solve any issues as soon as I can.

-If you have any ideas for me to add to this mod don't hesitate to let me know, it is through the ideas of you guys that I've been able to expand this mod to where it is today.

-If you find these patches useful please show your support by endorsing, which encourages me to continue supporting this mod.

Personal Recommendation: I've been playing Skyrim without the crosshair, and archery has become much more fun and challenging. I highly recommend giving it a try! You can either disable it manually, or use iHUD.


-Immersive Weapons v1.5 found here. (Absolutely necessary or your computer will probably burn, you've been warned!)

-Arrows and Bolts Tweaks v4.3 found here. (For the full archer experience, or you'll be missing out. Also vanilla arrows aren't affected by the Faster Arrows Improved patches so the IW arrows would be unbalanced without ABT.)

-Loot Arrows, Merchants Arrows, and Increased Progressive Damage patches will cause CTD without any of the following: Dawnguard.esm, Dragonborn.esm, and Immersive Weapons.esp. All these patches are based off ABT's "All DLCs" tweaks, only the Faster Arrows Improved Patches don't require any DLC.



(NMM = Nexus Mod Manager) (MO = Mod Organizer) (IW = Immersive Weapons) (ABT = Arrows and Bolts Tweaks)

-Use NMM, MO, or any other good mod manager that supports FOMODs.
(MO is not very good at showing images in a FOMOD installer thus making images with small text very hard to read, in comparison NMM makes it much easier to read images that contain small text, as they look very clear and 
don't get disproportionately resized unlike with MO. NMM and MO are both great mod managers though! So choose wisely...)

-For NMM Installation:
1) Use the new installer, everything is optional so just select the patches you want and leave blank those you don't want. Allow overwriting of IW and ABT files.
2) Use LOOT to sort the plugins. Download Here
(Loot Arrows, Merchants Arrows, and Increased Progressive Damage patches need to be placed after Immersive Weapons.esp or Skyrim will CTD. I know LOOT places everything correctly.)

-When using several mods that edit leveled lists, I highly recommend you use Wrye Bash to make a bashed patch. This will ensure compatibility between these mods by merging the leveled lists, without a bashed patch the leveled lists will overwrite each other causing most mod added items to not be distributed throughout the world.
Download it here if you don't have Wrye Bash already installed. Remake the bashed patch every time you change something in your mod list or load order to make sure it keeps working properly. And always run LOOT before making a bashed patch!

Just use a mod manager to uninstall my patches first, and you'll get the original .esp files from IW and ABT back.

-Updating "if IW or ABT has been updated":
Uninstall my patches first then update IW or ABT, then wait for my updated patches to be uploaded and install them again. Simple!

-For Manual Installation (not supported any longer):
(Old files without the FOMOD installer only, wouldn't recommend it with the new installer as you might get lost in there looking for the plugins...)
1) Just extract the .zip file, and drop the plugin in the Data folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data and overwrite when prompted (common sense dictates you backup any plugin before you overwrite it, as there is no mod manager to help you with that when installing manually).

2) Then put the plugin in the correct load order, I recommend LOOT (link above).

Note: If still using BOSS just know it is outdated. Also if you're confused about something don't be afraid to let me know.


4)Future Plans:

-ABT has three (actually four) tweaks which don't work with Immersive Weapons. Those tweaks are "Faster Arrows"(Done), "Loot Arrows"(Beta), and "Merchants Arrows"(Beta), v2.0 will include patches for the three incompatible tweaks. So ABT will finally be fully compatible with IW, v2.0 which should be the final version of this mod and is a big project it'll take some time so be patient. Testers' feedback will greatly increase development speed! While the patches are being initially tested v2.0 will remain in its alpha stage. Then when the patches are confirmed to be working as intended by me v2.0 will go to its Beta stage. And finally when all the patch options are complete v2.0 will reach it's official release stage.

-Planning to make patches for "Increased Progressive Damage" tweaks (Done)

Permission Notes:

-These files can not be uploaded to another website under any circumstance.

-Nobody has permission to modify these files and upload them on another mod page. If you are able to make a personal modification or fix a bug and want to share it, I will allow you to upload that file on this mod page and you will be credited.

-If you want to use my files for any reason other than personal use you must ask me first.


-kevkas for ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks

-Hothtrooper44 - Ironman5000 - Eckss for Immersive Weapons