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This is my character celestic that I use to play skyrim with and I decided to share with nexus so you guys can use it if you want to for enhanced character edit presets. If you want the hairstyles in the picture, you have to find sg hairpack by hellosanta on the web. After installing just extract the file and put it in your cme save folder found in the same place as saved games folder for skyrim. Does not work with racemenu

You at least need Enhanced Character Edit installed first.
Make sure you check ECE's requirements as well. I know it requires SKSE. It is linked on the description page somewhere.

Recommended and thanks to(for a more accurate look-alike):

SG Female Textures Renewel (You need CBBE or UNP body replacer for this).
For brows

The Eyes of Beauty

SG hairpack 268 by hellosanta

Last step is to drop the file in the correct location:
(your documents folder here).../my games/skyrim/CME_save

Thanks to Zentard for posting the requirements