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Are you tired of having your bow floating behind your quiver? Then get this mod for a whole new Skyrim experience. :P

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This small modification of the XP32 Maximum Skeleton changes the position of your bow when it is "sheathed", so it looks like it's spanned over your shoulder like in all these fantasy movies, and is no longer floating behind your back. I know that this is not how you actually carry a bow, but it looks cool and nobody likes floating bows. There are a few other mods around, that place the bow like this, but they are either for the Vanilla skeleton, and/or really outdated.

Please note, that this is a WIP mod and I will keep updating the files, as soon as I add something new.

This mod isn't finished, but I stopped working on it. (see "Future Plans")

Future Plans:

This mod does currently not support the beast races. I also thought about changing the position of the crossbow, and adding support for different custom races. For now I'm not going to really update the mod, but maybe sometime in the future I get back in the mood to do so. If you know how to use nifscope and want to continue this mod, then just ask and i'll probably give you the permission to do so.


XP32 Maximum Skeleton -XPMS ( )


Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows ( )
Enhanced Character Edit ( )

(With ECE you can change the size of the bow, and the quiver manually in the RaceMenu if you feel like something is too small or too big.)


    1. Download and Install XP32 Maximum Skeleton
    2. Download Better Bow Placement for XPMS with Nexus Mod Manager and install automatically, or
    3. Download Manually
    4. Locate skeleton.nif and female_skeleton.nif in .../Data/meshes/actors/character/...
    5. Replace them.

    6. Download and install Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows (recommended)

I use the Closer Quivers Mod, so there might be clipping with some quivers, if you do not use this mod. If there is, please tell me and I will try my best to fix it. I also use the DIMONIZED UNP female body, but I'm pretty sure the mod will work perfectly fine with the Vanilla bodymeshes or any other bodyreplacer.

PS.: Feel free to send me screenshots, report clipping issues/bugs or correct any grammatical mistake, surely my english isn't the best.
PPS.: Endorsements are always appreciated.