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Version 1.4 (Updated description with Video added) This mod adds scabbards to several of the two-handed Greatswords.

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Version 1.4

By DoubleBrewski

This mod adds scabbards to some of the two-handed Greatswords.

The Steel, Elven, Orcish, and Ebony Greatswords have full length scabbards which match their corresponding armors:

The Glass, Iron, Nord Hero, Draugr, and Silver Greatswords have a small leather piece holding them in place:

Dwarven Greatsword scabbard now available with version 1.4:

All texture-replacer mods will work with this mod!

This mod is for aesthetics only and nothing but the meshes of the Greatswords have been altered: No stats or textures have been changed at all.

Sorry, no Daedric. . .

The full sheaths were made from their one-handed counterpart's sheath. For example: The Ebony Greatsword's sheath was made by modifying the Ebony Sword's sheath and so forth. Unfortunately, not all of the one-handed swords have scabbards.

I was able to use the Iron Sword's leather sheath for the Iron, Silver, Draugr, and Nord Hero Greatswords. It fit all of them fairly well.

Sadly the Daedric Sword does not have any sheath for me to work with. The one-handed Daedric Sword only has a little ring that fits around the handle to clip the weapon to your side, and it will not work for the Greatsword on your back.

This mod is featured on:

A video featuring this mod and other high quality mods is now available thanks to TfTrashcan


Version 1.4 - Just added! Fixes a slight error with the Greatswords positions in the inventory menu.

Version 1.3 - Dwarven Greatsword sheath fixed.

Version 1.2 - Dwarven Greatsword sheath added.


The Greatsword scabbards were created by altering existing Bethesda meshes mostly with Nifskope and a few brief, but necessary adjustments in Blender.

Feel free to use or modify any and all parts of this mod for your own Skyrim mods. Permission is not required. Credit is always appreciated.

Special Thanks to:

Abakus for the "Muramasa two-handed katana with scabbard" mod which inspired me to make sheaths for the Greatswords.

The creators of Nifskope and Blender.

The admin/managers of the Nexus sites.

Tftrashcan for posting the Youtube video featuring my mod.

And of course, Bethesda.