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Actions such as drinking potions and applying poisons are now simulated to take time, preventing the player to perform other actions such as fighting and activating for a configurable duration. Players can also get a configurable speed penalty to simulate the difficulty of performing actions on the move.

Permissions and credits


This mod aims to make Skyrim's combat harder by making combat-relevant actions such as consuming potions and (un-)equipping armor, hold up the player for a certain amount of time. During this time, several restrictions are applied to the player such as a speed penalty, blocked inventory access and the inability to use weapons and spells.

These restrictions simulate the player's actor being busy with the action. No longer should it be viable to quaff dozens of potions in an instant, poison a blade on the run, or change into a different set of armor while simultaneously swinging your blade. 


Actions are queued up until the player exits the menu (if they are in one) and several restrictions are then applied. The restrictions will be applied for each action at a time, in the order they were performed by the player. Potion and food consumption, for instance, by default has the following effects: 
  • Player's speed is reduced by 25 points,
  • Weapons/spells are sheated and cannot be used (if deferred sheating is enabled, this only happens if you actually swing or cast),
  • Activation of other objects is blocked,
  • Inventory menu access is disallowed.

The penalty time consists of a configurable base amount plus a variable amount based on the weight of the item that was consumed or (un-)equipped. So consuming heavier pieces of food and (un-)equipping heavier armors will take longer.

A progress bar is shown on screen to indicate the remaining penalty time.

The following actions are currently supported:
  • Consumption of potions, food, and ingredients
  • Equipping and unequipping of armor (bound types and shields are excluded)
  • Poisoning weapons


The mechanics added by the mod are configurable using MCM, allowing several toggles and settings. Please see the screenshots and the in-game menu for details.

Installation, maintenance and removal

The following other mods are required:
Install using any method, making sure both the ESP and BSA end up in the Data directory. Installing a new version should be seamless by overwriting the old files. Removal of Skyrim mods could be tricky (Bethesda offers no support for this), but normally this should be fine.


No records from Skyrim.esm or other base ESM's are modified, only new stuff is added.

Compatibility is confirmed for the following related mods:


Chesko for the progress meter widget (files: SG_ProgressMeterWidget.pex and SG_ProgressMeterWidget.swf)
Schlangster and SkyAmigo for pointers on creating new SkyUI widgets

Tools used

Creation Kit
Sublime Text