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Control a zombie apocalypse within Skyrim! Be the Slayer of the army of the undead!
Unless, of course, you join the ranks of the Undead legions...

Permissions and credits
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A Nexus-exclusive mod.
Requires the Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) v1.6+. Without this, ZOMBIES WILL NOT SPAWN! So install it and launch it.
This mod requires the latest update of Skyrim (as of 9 April 2013)

FISS is necessary in order to use one of the features of this mod, but is not required for the mod itself.

Things to be added:
+Improved Damage Visuals
+Refugee Camps/Evacuation Centers
+Zombie Slayers
+Better Followers
+More Quick-Start scenarios
+Bug fixes

It is recommended that you use separate save files with this mod active, as characters WILL die. Not to mention that the scripts can be intensive at times and you don't want them baked into your save file.

What this mod does:
This mod simulates a zombie outbreak within Skyrim. Rather than creating a single questline, the mod offers a variety of scenarios, each with different settings and can be customized at any time with the Mod Configuration Menu. Start with a small outbreak and watch as the zombie plague wipes out everyone! With the ability to barricade doors and customize almost everything with the MCM, the player is given a sandbox environment to play with. Have a pleasant Apocalypse! ^_~

I recommend that you install and use Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), which will do all of that for you. Gopher has a video with instructions on using it here:

1. If you haven't installed it already, you'll need SKSE.
Gopher has instructions for this here:

2. Next, you'll need SkyUI.

2a. (Optional) If you don't like the changes that SkyUI makes, but you need to keep the Mod Configuration menu, then you can install SkyUI-Away.

3. (Optional) Install FISS. It's used for custom scenarios, but isn't required for anything else.

4. Then you can finally download and install this mod. Again, NMM is recommended.

5. Run skse_loader.

Starting the Mod:
Wait a minute or two after loading your save, and you will be able to access the Mod Configuration Menu. From here, you will be able to control all of the mod's settings. Control where zombies spawn from, how powerful they are, and more! Or you can select a scenario. Scenarios are pre-built configurations to get the mod started very quickly. I will be adding more scenarios as the mod is updated.

Currently the pre-built scenarios are:

The Hive
A random city has become a hive for a horde of zombies. If left undisturbed, the zombies will spread and infect other cities.

Patient Zero
Somewhere in Skyrim there is a lone infectee, who is likely to infect others, and they in turn will spread the infection to new cities. However, since there aren't many infectees at first it is likely to go unnoticed and thus infest more cities before a response can be formed.

Dawn of the Dead
All of Tamriel has been overrun with the dead as the graveyards and recently deceased rise up in unholy life forming an instant and horrific army.

Last Stand
All of Skyrim, with the exception of a single Hold, has been taken over by the undead. Can the living survive its last stand?

Safe Walls
Zombies are rising all throughout Tamriel and are attempting to breach the walls of the cities. Perhaps those inside the walls can simply wait out the Apocalypse?

Barricade Door:
You are also given the Barricade Door power. Use it to barricade doors to prevent zombies from getting through! No barricade is perfect, however, and zombies have a chance to break through. By default, how well the door is barricaded depends on the mean average of your lockpicking and smithing skills ((lockpicking + smithing)/2). With the Mod Configuration Menu, this can be overridden, so for role-playing purposes a mage can "lock" the door with magic.

Cure Sickness (Other):
With this, you can cure other NPCs using store-bought potions and ingredients with the "Cure Disease" effect.

NPC Topic: Orders
You can also issue orders to NPCs to help evacuate refugees. This is still experimental, however, and may not be perfect.

Lastly, you can find couriers in inns and ask for the latest rumors. Just remember that they tend to travel a lot and could possibly be carriers...

Common Questions (or could have been common)
Q. How do I become a zombie?
A. Make sure that Player Infection is enabled (it is by default) and become infected with Touch of the Worm King. Once that is done, simply die. Keep in mind that this will not work if you are already Undead.

Q: A zombie broke came through the door I just barricaded...
A: Zombies have a chance to break a seal on a barricaded door based on
the strength of the lock.

Q: When I arrived in a town, lots of zombies came out the houses, but nobody
seems to have died before I got here
A: The increase in zombie population while you're absent is simulated mathematically rather than by actually killing NPCs.

Q: Where's all the zombies?
A: First, make sure you have SKSE installed and are running it. Next,
go check one of the couriers at an inn to find a place that is infested. If you're
certain that the zombies should be in this town try moving to another
town and coming back again.

Q: Can I simply wait out the zombies like in the movies?
A: The zombies will never die of old age, however, their tendency to
migrate, and the rate at which their ranks swell will decrease over
time making it easier to cleanse Tamriel of zombies later rather
than sooner.

Known Incompatibilities:
+None as of right now.

Known bugs:
  • Zombies may get stuck behind doors.
  • Zombies spawn from doors that they aren't supposed to spawn from
  • If the screen limit value is extremely low, more zombies may spawn than there are supposed to be.
  • Sigrid teleports back to her home (usually naked) after becoming a zombie.
  • If an infected actor becomes a zombie at around the same time that the Player does, the zombie may not recognize the player as an ally and attack them.
Remove all files packaged with this mod.
It is best to fully uninstall this mod even if you plan on playing it again later instead of un-checking the .esm in your manager/load order as this will ensure that the scripts from this mod won't be running and consuming resources.

Nexus Mod Manager:
Just deactivate the mod in the mods tab to remove all of the files.

A trailer video made by Skijarama. Very impressive, I'd say.

Eccentric needs a few more members to help create 28 Days and other fantastic mods. If you want to lend a helping hand, then send me a PM!