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Reduces accuracy of enemy ranged attacks.

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Archery is a difficult art to master. It requires skills to hit a stationary target, let alone a moving one. In skyrim, however, everyone is a master marksman (possibly except you). Every npc can hit the target from distance. Moreover, they can calculate the distance, the target's velocity, and speed of arrow to predict where the target would be by the time the arrow strikes.

This mod makes archery difficult for npc.

I like a faster paced combat with high damage. When one or two hits can kill you, however, enemy archers are real nuisance. To survive attacks from multiple archers, you need to find a cover. If there are none, you must do a side step dance - left right left right left right...

I got tired of dancing, so I made this mod.

==========What this mod does============
NPC's ranged attacks are less accurate.
auto aim is disabled to make archery slightly more difficult for PC (With option to keep auto aim enabled).
Disabled magical ninja dod for npc.

Select one of the eight files and drop into data folder.

I recommend using mods that increase archery damage. Fewer arrows will be hitting you, so it would be more balanced if they do more damage. My suggestion is Ace - BYOG

All the changes made in this mod can be made IN GAME by using Grimy's SkyTweak. Great mod, you should check it out, if you haven't already. You'd want Difficult Archery only if you don't want the whole package offered by SkyTweak (why not!?), or if you get rollback like I do :(

This mod is getting more views & downloads than I expected. It took me a few hours to experiment with different settings, but as long as you have the right settings figured out, it takes less than 3 minutes to recreate this mod from scratch. I made it for my own use anyways, and decided to share it on a whim.
But in general, modding is a very time consuming project. Following are some of my favorite mods that I think deserve more endorsements.

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