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A High Definition complete overhaul the Elven Armor set.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Divine Aegis Released! Can be found here:

If you have a question: READ THE COMMENTS SECTION! It's likely I've already answered it.

If you have a suggestion, or want to give feedback:
KEEP IT REALISTIC, creating this takes hours, days and weeks, not minutes!

Mystic Elven Armor

This is a fully realized remake of Light Elven Armor, my favorite armor in Skyrim. This re-texture has been created completely from scratch in order to provide as high quality as possible.

Story of this mod:


I've spent many weeks downloading things from Skyrim Nexus and gawking at some of the amazing things you all have been creating. I've always wanted to try my hand at some modding but have never been able to wrap my head around a project and put the effort needed to complete it.

Over the weeks I've been spending a lot of time looking for a high quality mage themed elven armor. While many of the files on Nexus have been great, I could never find one that really matched the theme I was looking for. After three failed attempts to start making this armor, I finally dove in to the work head first.

30 Man hours, and lots of tutorials later, I finally completed my first ever reskin and I am very happy to provide it to this community as a small contribution (and perhaps a payment) for all the great skins/mods I've enjoyed from this site.

Major Thanks to:

Google - Without your search engine I would have never found the tools I needed to finish this

TTKRICKJAMES, creator of Ebony 4k :

Satyr Zerofrost creator of Nightingale Prime : File Currently removed

Your works provided the inspiration to create this armor, peaking at your texture files helped me to understand a lot about how texturing works.


Transparent shield glitches during snowy weather when viewed from a specific angle.


Update 2/26/2012

Sader Horsepack

Version 1.1 Fixes

- Horses should no longer attack player after being attacked.

- Raven Saddle Overhauled

- Raven Armor texture bug fixed.

- Saint now has golden horseshoes (bling bling).


Update: 2/24/2012

Version 1.6

- Sader Horses v1.0 file added. (Contains both Mystic Elven Raven and Divine Aegis Saint).

Both horses are located on the same small island as the Lady Stone. Check "Location.jpg" located inside download file.

Horse Meshes Provided by MystikHybrid
Ebony Horse:


Update 2/3/2012

Uploaded a new showcase video as the old one was severely out of date, while I contacted the creator of the previous video about making a new one he ultimately failed to respond (or care) so I created my own.

I have very limited experience with creating videos, but I pretty sure this gets the point across well enough. There are a couple glitches but nothing too big, or atleast not enough for me to want to re-render the whole video again.


Update 2/2/2012

Version 1.5.5

-File Format changed in order to eliminate weapon delay


In order to eliminate weapon delay I have changed the save file format. While on one hand this will, for most people, solve the problem with weapon armor delay there are some drawbacks I want everyone to be aware of.

- File Size increased by 50%
- Memory use for most peices of gear/weapons increased by 100%

I strongly recommend that anyone who was using 1.5 stand alone and was barely scraping by in terms of memory to either not update to 1.5.5 or use the low resolution texture pack. The old 1.5 file will remain up in the "old files" section just incase anyone updates by accident and wishes to revert.

Kudos to Ipodge for helping me to figure out and solve this issue once and for all.


Update 1/29/2012

-Uploaded new MEA - Horse v1.5Beta file.

Mystic Elven Horse - Raven 1.5beta fixes.

Fixed Despawning issue with Raven. When you install this file the horse should despawn only ONE more time as his FORMID changes (which was the root cause of the original problem.)

Subsequent save games he should not despawn.

Update 1/28/2012

Version 1.5

-Uploaded file containing Raven, a new horse with custom Mystic Elven Horse Armor (That's right, FREE horse armor.) (Version 1.5 Alpha)

Raven is set to ESSENTIAL by default.


Horse Mesh Provided by MystikhHybrid


Update 1/24/2012

Version 1.5

- Standalone updated to Version 1.5


Update 1/23/2012

Version 1.5

- Main Armor Gems Overhauled and Matched to Weapons
- All Weapons Packed to Mystic Elven Weapons Archive
- Some Normal Maps Updated
- Elven Warhammer Replacer Added
- MEA Low Spec Updated to 1.5
- Shoulder Files Updated to 1.5
- Elven Warhammer, Battleaxe, and Elven greatsword textures glitches corrected. (This was a base game bug.)


Update 1/22/2012

Version v1.4.6

- Added Elven Mace Replacer
(Yea thats two weapons in one day, wheres my cookie?)


Update 1/22/2012

Version 1.4.5

- Added Elven War Axe Replacer


Update 1/21/2012

Version 1.4.4 Update

- Added Elven Battle Axe Replacer

*Added Note: Yes, it's a separate file. Yes, you're going to have to deal with it.


Updated 1/20/2012

Version 1.4.3

-Added Elven Greatsword for download with scabbard mesh provided by DoubleBrewski @ must download Mystic Elven Sword Replacer File for Correct Scabbard texture)

- Low Resolution Pack updated to 1.4.3

Updated 1/19/2012

Version 1.4.2



FAQ: 1/16/2012 (Problem Resolved: 2/2/2012)


A brief explanation of why the weapon textures may cause a delay when swapping weapons

I have 4 gigs of DDR3 ram and 1 gig DDR5 in my card.

Vanilla skyrim doesn't go past around say... 750-800k of ram used. My skyrim, with its HD textures etc uses around 1.3-1.5 gigs of ram.

That still leaves me with about 1.5 gigs ram free (windows 7 utilizes about a gig).

So what? I've got like (insert amount of ram and multiply by elventbajillion) gigs of ram my system is so awesome!

The problem with skyrim is that it doesn't cache weapon textures, now with your base textures this wasn't an issue. Since they're small and crappy (Not HD) they take no noticeable time to load at all.

HOWEVER, with these textures which are (for each and every piece) FOUR TIMES the amount of pixels, not caching the textures becomes a problem. Because EVERY time you equip the weapon, skyrim has to load the textures. When you unequip the weapon, skyrim "Forgets" the weapon texture (clearing your memory of that texture).

Thats why it doesn't matter HOW MUCH ram you have, because Skyrim is always clearing ram of "unnecessary" textures in order to keep ram use as low as possible.

What does this mean for lower end systems?

Well if your memory isn't FAST, then you'll find you will get the slight delay when equipping the weapons (and viewing them in your inventory). This is why you pick up the fastest memory you can find (which I believe is DDR5 in video cards and DDR3 for standard memory I could be wrong).

So what can I do?

This is the question you might be asking, and the only workarounds I can give you are this.


If you have Lydia, give her the elven sword and shield and bow. This will constantly keep your memory "loaded" with my textures, meaning you will receive no delay switching to the weapon she has.

Then again, it's possible if you do this you may recieve delays from HER when she switches between weapons. I don't really know I didn't try it.

2) Find a way to get skyrim to CACHE textures.

I don't know if anyone's working on this, but if it were possible to do this having that 8 gigs of memory instead of 4 might ACTUALLY be useful.


You don't have to install the FULL low res pack, just do the weapons. SURE they'll look worse, but they should load a whole lot faster considering every texture in that pack is 1024x1024 pixels, which is the largest size you'd see in vanilla Skyrim.


Update 1/15/2012

Version 1.4.1

- Added Elven Bow Replacer

- Low Spec MEA file updated to 1.4.1, now contains ALL CURRENT ARMORS/WEAPONS but no transparent shield. NOTE: REQUIRES MANUAL INSTALLATION, READ THE README.


Update 1/14/2012

Version 1.4

- Improved Belt/Sash textures (should no longer shine too much like metal)

- Added 1.3 shield to Standard File.

- Added non-transparent Shield for download

- Updated all Shoulder styles to 1.4

- Added Sword and Scabbard File for Download

- Updated Readme (contains instructions for installation/uninstillation - NOT FILE SPECIFIC)

Updated 1/13/2012

- New video showcase added for version 1.2, created by ArsenalRobert (Thanks very much!)
- Uploaded new 1.3 Shield (Now transparent, and fully complete)
- 1.2 Shield removed. If enough people ask for a non-transparent version of the shield I will upload a 1.3 version with no transparency.

1.3 Shield

Updated 1/12/2012

-Uploaded a temporary standalone version. (Provided by Jimshu) the armor is located in the Elven Armor section. Currently only NON-Shoulder version is available.


Update 1/11/2012

Currently working on updates that will include:

Refining Textures (Mainly color matching all the runes and gems)
Adding Transparency to the Shield Gem areas (Because everyone wants to see while they block)
Adding Standalone, craftable version. (provided by Jimshu, make sure you thank him people.)

There will also be a possible update that will add glowing areas to the armor/shield (Currently troubleshooting this)

After I've completed all this, I will probably begin work on weapons.


Update 1/10/2012

Version 1.2 Launched

- Images Updated with Shield Screenshots
- Single Shield File Added
- Standard File Updated to contain shield (Version 1.2)
- Helmet File Removed from download

Added Note:

This is a temporary weapon solution until I create weapons to match this set


Update 1/9/2012

Version 1.1.5

- Lower Resolution 1024px Standard File Added (provided by Vergis). Download this if your computer doesn't appreciate my attempts to murder your system with ridiculous texture quality.
- Mystic Elven Armor Main file updated to 1.1.5 (Now contains helmet)
- Mystic Helmet Single Archive Added
- Temporary Helmet Removed (It was put down humanly.)


Update 1/9/2012

Version 1.1 Launched

- Transparency Error Fixed
- Added Male Version
- Added Standard File (Contains Male heavy shoulders and Female Light Shoulders
- Added Four Individual Shoulder Files, so you can mix and match.
- Added Temporary Grey Elven Helm to match the current set.


Update 1/8/2012


Even more good news, as I started work on the Male version of the texture I did some more research (via google of course) and I finally figured out WHY I was having some invisible pixels in the texture, after some tweaking I finally got the texture to come out COMPLETLY perfect.

Version 1.1 will arrive over the next day couple days and it will include:

1) Male Version
2) Shoulders (Male and Female)
3) Transparency Fix

and Possibly:

4) A shield Texture

An excellent video I used to help me figure out how to do this.