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I believe the title is pretty self-explanatory. This mod adds named dogs around and gives a few NPCs their own little doeggs, wolf-dogs and wolves in the throne room.

They Are:

Futhark will hang around and guard the market area, where he lives. He is named after, of the Old Norse runic alphabets(Younger & Elder Futhark).

Oþalan is the brother of Futhark and lives with him in the market. Oþalan however will patrol around Whiterun, though will stop at night and hang out with his brother. He is named for the Proto-Germanic rune for "O", ōþalan(in Elder Futhark, Odal) meaning "heritage; inheritance, inherited estate".

Brokkr is the son Oþalan and is a puppy who lives in The Bannered Mare Inn. He is named for the Dwarf Brokkr from Norse paganism who forged Mjöllnir and the gauntlets Járngreipr to name a few.

Father of Oþalan and Futhark. He is Eorlund Gray-Mane's ever faithful Companion, following the master smith wherever he goes. Völundr's name is taken from the Old Norse name of the legendary master blacksmith Wayland the Smith who appears in the poem Völundarkviða and the Þiðrekssaga.

Gwynbleidd is Elrindir & Anoriath's wolfdog and who live in the drunken huntsman which he guards from those who would steal arrows and shoot the city guards in the knee with. His name is the elves name for Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist of the Witcher series.

Wuuthrad is the wolf of Jorrvaskr and the Companions mascot who can be found wandering Jorrvaskr's main hall. I shouldn't have to tell you what he's named after...

Summer is the last true dire wolf of Skyrim and is Jarl Balgruuf the Greater's companion. Summer will guard the Jarl day and night, never leaving his master's side. He is named after the direwolf bonded to Bran Stark in the Song of Ice And Fire series.

And..course, Schmooples the fox:
Schmooples is Ysolda's pet fox who follows her everywhere she goes(and yes, this does mean if you marry her, Schmooples will live in your house). Schmooples is named after Leliana's pet nug from the Dragon Age series.

Update I adds a new Bonus Dog, Æþelwulf, a city guard dog who will patrol the mean streets of Whiterun with his handler. The is Old English, and means "Noble-Wolf" Æþel being "noble" and wulf being "wolf".

Dogs of Whiterun Version 3 - Everybody Hates Schmooples Edition

If you don't want Schmooples the fox in your game, there's a alternate version just for you! Just look in the Optional Files in the download section. Also I think this goes without saying, but just in case: Obviously, this is not compatible with the main file.  


Update 1(7/15/14):

- Reworks every dog, wolf and the fox's A.I. script to be a little better
- Adds a new dog and guard.

Update 2(7/19/14):

- Changed the size of Summer as it was blocking navigation for the NPCs in Dragonsreach.
- Changed Summer's follow distance back a bit to give NPCs room to walkaround.
- Tweaked Oþalan's AI package.
- Changed Schmooples follow distance a bit.


- Latest version of Skyrim(I.e. the last patch)


-Simply place the esp in your Skyrim/data folder and launch the launcher and check it.


- Simply uncheck the esp in the launcher and then delete the esp in the data folder.


- Any mod that changes where the dogs may conflict. I have used Beautiful Whiterun and am using JK's Whiterun Overhaul, and have had no problems.


- None. This mod has been bug tested and cleaned with TES5Edit.

Recommended Mods:

- Beautiful Whiterun or JK's Whiterun Overhaul

- Sounds of Skyrim series

Tools Used:

- The Creation Kit


You do not have permission to reupload to here, the Nexus, or anywhere without My explicit permission, if you want to use this in a compilation pack, ask Me first as well.


- Me, for wasting too much time on this..
- Bethesda Softworks(for making the game)
- Xbone/PS4 Console Sticker is by yevvie

Finale Note: 

- This mod uses only vanilla assets found in the Skyrim BSAs.
- If you have any questions, feel free to send Me a message on here the Nexus or on Tumblr(I am on there everyday) 

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I really hope you enjoy My mod! Have fun. :)