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IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM VERSION 0.10 TO 0.11 OR ABOVE, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST DO A CLEAN INSTALL OF THE MOD. This procedure will not be necessary for further updates, only if you are upgrading from 0.10 to 0.11 or above.
- Uninstall Tanback.esp using NMM if you've used it. That's all, you're done!
- Install the new version of Tanback.
- NMM should manage all future updates for you without issue!

If you installed Tanback manually (without using the NMM) then navigate to your Skyrim/Data/scripts folder. Search for anything named Tanback, and get rid of it.

If you have to uninstall Tanback, you won't need to re-recruit him upon installing the new version. He should be right beside you where he always was, just a little different looking (and a bit smarter!)


- V0.13 Adds unique roars and growls for Tan. (Recordings are high quality and edited by myself.)
- V0.13 Solves the issue of subtitles flashing by too quickly to read.
- V0.13 Fixes conditions on several lines of dialogue.
- V0.13 Introduces more dialogue.


Tanback is a mod that adds a setting-friendly unique Sabrecat companion to the world of Tamriel. He is marked as essential, will not affect player detection, and will not set off traps, in addition to having full follower functionality. He levels with the player, but aside from having the Lightfoot perk right away to ensure he doesn't trip traps on you, his stats are more or less the same as any run-of-the-mill Sabrecat. He has a custom texture to help differentiate him from vanilla Sabrecats as well as unique roars and growls.

His roars and growls are subtitled. To get the most out of Tan, Subtitles should be on. All his subtitles are marked as 'forced' in the CK, but it's a known bug with the CK that this doesn't always work, so be advised!
As you travel together, he will remark on many different situations. He's very context sensitive and should not repeat himself too often. He's a little stoic right now, but still might surprise you! Stay tuned for updates and watch him grow!

Tan can be found wandering the road outside Wolf Skull Cave, distressed. He won't stray far from his Old Master until you speak to him. He'll return there if dismissed. The bedroll inside the tent is usable. Search inside the tent to find a Note that explains about Tanback.


A Riverwood edition is coming, keep your pants on! Until then:

To teleport there instantly, open the Console and type:
coc WolfSkullCaveExterior

Turn around, and... Voilá.

INCOMPATIBILITIES: None that I know of. I suggest loading Tanback BEFORE any of your follower mods to help ensure compatibility.

FUTURE: More dialogue, small Quest, alternate locations (Riverwood), possible saddlebag assets, if there are enough requests, alternative texture versions.

IN PROGRESS: Adding dialogue!

Please keep in mind this is a Work in Progress, and my first (published) mod! Any feedback is welcomed and suggestions open. I've noticed a tag or two for 'Unbalanced' and 'Not lore friendly,' so, don't just tag it and walk away... Let me know. :)