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About this mod

1. Crossbow won't be reloaded automatically after firing.
2. You can cycle through your previously equipped arrows / bolts.

Permissions and credits
Mod's name changed from Manual Crossbow Reload Lite to Reloading Overhaul,
because BOWS are now involved, too!
-Disable Mod from MCM before updating from 2.x to 3.x !

-You will no longer be forced to reload a bolt immediately after firing your crossbow.
-Version 3 adds new function! Cycle through previously equipped arrow / bolt!
[style color="red"]-Disable Mod from MCM before updating![/style]
-Inspired by JZbai's Manual Crossbow Reload: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54246
-But aimed to be much simpler and neat.
-Requires Dawnguard, SKSE (last version!!!), SkyUI
-Compatible with 99.98% of existing mods. (This is a lie, but it's super compatible anyway)

Thanks to Skytts for awesome video review! Skip to 6:44 for my mod, or just watch the entire video.

1. Description

The mod name says it all.

Seriously, you need an explanation?

OK, I guess I have to write something at least.
Compared to JZbai's Manual Crossbow Reload, Manual Crossbow Reload Lite is... Lite.
Well, the mod's name is changed to Reloading Overhaul, but it is still Lite.
It has all the essential features, which is, manual crossbow reloading, but it does not have any extra spell, item, menu, ... no. No nothing.
(Except one MCM menu... but come one, MCM is awesome.)
You just need to press Middle Mouse Button to reload.
Everything else, me and my script is going to take care of for you.

Also, with version 3, Reloading Overhaul now has an additional functionality: Cycle Ammo.
By pressing the hot key (V, B, or double tapping Left Bumper) you can cycle through your previously equipped arrows and bolts.
I strongly recommend using Third & Fourth Mouse Button for hot keys if you are using a gaming mouse.
No need to waste your precious hot keys to half a dozen different bolts!
This functionality is separated into arrow module and bolt module, so you don't need to worry about getting bolts and arrows mixed up.

You want specific number about how light this mod is?
Manual Crossbow Reload Lite has 3 script files and an esp. That's all.
One of them is actually for MCM, while the other one is just to check player sheathing its weapon.
So there is actually just 1 script that controls everything.

You will get naked as soon as Reloading Overhaul is installed, so don't panic!
Just get your clothes on before anyone else finds you naked, and equip your crossbow.
Then, go find a dragon, shoot a bolt to its head, and RUN!!!
Something you can't do without Reloading Overhaul. You're welcome.

2. My Other Mods

Unique Unique:
You think artifacts have boring effects that can be copied with high level enchanting skill?
Not anymore if you have Unique Unique! Come read description to find out what's going to change.

Conjure Atronach Scroll Fix:
simple esp that fixes scroll of conjure atronach. Yes, it is broken if you have Elemental Potency perk.

3. Known Issues

-When you change your bolts inside inventory menu, sometimes inventory menu's respond speed is not enough and it may look like you are equipping your previous bolts. Just close the inventory menu, and you will find out that your character is equipping the right bolts.
-You are not going to be able to add arrows and bolts to favorites menu, just as it was in Manual Crossbow Reload by JZbai. This is because there is no way for the scripts to tell if an ammo is an arrow or a bolt. Later versions will include user-defined hot key function for arrows.

4. Special Thanks

-Thanks to JZbai for his great idea of manual crossbow reloading.
-Thanks to NohmUhyun for awesome cover image.
-Thanks to Genebriss for teaching me how to disable no bolt message.

5. Update Log

Version 2.0:
-Can no longer reload while jumping
-Added MCM option to change reload hot keys
-No bolt message shows up only when you really have no bolt
-Instruction book's font changed
-MCM menu name change to "MCR – Lite". Fresh save required to apply this change property. (IDN why)

Version 2.1:
-Fix for action sequence: aim -> no fire -> sheathe -> draw -> aim (arrow unequipped)
-Fix for action sequence: aim -> no fire -> change weapon -> aim (arrow unequipped)

Version 2.2:
LOL I made this next version in 3 minutes that no one even downloaded 2.1.
-Arrows (not bolts!) can now be hot keyed.

Version 3.0:
-Changed mod's name for no good reason
-Default reload key is now Middle Mouse Button.
-Cycle Ammo function added.

Version 3.1:
-Bolts won't double/disappear
-Picking up bolts while unloaded will force you to reload; this fixes Aim -> no fire -> pick up bolt bug.

Version 3.2:
-Cycle ammo functions are disabled at start-up. It can be toggled in the MCM menu.

Version 3.21:
-Minor cleaning in the script.