NPO Crossbows - ACE Archery Compatibility Patch by noobzor
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Added: 06/07/2014 - 04:14AM
Updated: 06/07/2014 - 04:13AM

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Last updated at 4:13, 6 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 4:14, 6 Jul 2014

This is a compatibility patch for "An NPO Module - Crossbows" and ACE Archery.

Here is a rundown of the changes:
- Tweaked damage on Steel and Orcish crossbows to better match the ACE material/damage progression
- Removed stagger from all crossbows (ACE Archery crossbows do not stagger)
- Increased range and projectile speed to ACE Archery levels
- Reduced critical damage (in ACE Archery, crossbows and long bows both have rather low critical damage but higher base damage, vs. shortbows which have low base damage but high critical damage)
- Added proper keywords expected by ACE Archery

Credit should go to the original authors:

An NPO Module - Crossbows by Daiyus:

ACE - Combat Skills by Athyra - ACE Team: