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Ever notice that silver-coloured Elven Dagger on Karliahs unique Guild Master cuirass? Now you can have your own playable version.

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Ever notice that silver-coloured Elven Dagger on Karliah's unique Guild Master cuirass? Now you can have your own playable version! Karliah's Dagger has a slightly higher base damage than a regular Elven Dagger, and is improved with one Quicksilver Ingot instead of Refined Moonstone. All of the metal is silver in colour, and the leather parts of the handle and scabbard have been changed to match the bluish leather found on the Guild Master armour set. You can find the dagger in a worn knapsack by the Nightingale Armour Stones in Nightingale Hall.

This is a just a quick recolor of the Elven Dagger I did for fun. After a recent playthrough of the Thieves' Guild questline I really took a liking to the dagger on Karliah's armour, and after looking on the Nexus I was surprised to find nobody had done this before (turns out it was in Mr. Dave's Bobs Armory Skyrim and I never noticed it). It's not an exact re-creation of the one on the armour (I didn't change the style of the handle wrapping or make the scabbard look worn), but it gets the basic look right and I think it looks rather sharp with the Guild Master armour. Like I said, it's a quick little mod I did on the side and hopefully some thief characters get some good use out of it.

Latest update.

--use NMM, or extract the KarliahsDagger.esp and meshes and textures folders to your Skyrim Data folder
--use NMM, or delete KarliahsDagger.esp and the meshes and textures folders named karliahsdagger.

If you are using Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade or Weapons and Armor Fixes Remade, there are patches available from Thelrontoads.

Credits/Programs Used:
--Skyrim Retexturing Software Tutorial by David Brasher

If you want to incorporate my mod or its resources in a mod of your own, you may do so provided that you credit me for anything you use. I would also greatly appreciate it if you send me a link so I can check it out.

Mods Used in Screenshots:
--Nightingale Hall Restored - Karliah as a Follower by kryptopyr: highly recommended; makes Nightingale Hall a usable base and makes Karliah a follower as well as restoring her Guild Master armour (sans hood) upon completing the Thieves' Guild questline.
--CBBE - Vanilla by Caliente: meshes and textures; makes all of the women of Skyrim look better and modified armour isn't needed for the vanilla option.

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--Bloodskal Stahlrim Armor
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