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Replaces the flat roads with 3D meshes

Permissions and credits
PERMISSIONS: NO REUPLOADS... ANYWHERE... PERIOD! No matter what Nexusmods sets the permissions to when they do an upgrade and screw up!

For the Skyrim SE port: Feuerkl1nge has my permission for the conversion and upload (but strictly on Nexusmods)


Real Roads for Skyrim aims to bring life to the dull roads by using 3D meshes. It covers all road meshes in all variations inc. the shiny Dwemer roads. This is not a Parallax mod! For more information please have a look at Matthiaswagg's review. You can find a comparison (Vanilla/Parallax/Real Roads) in the images from users section provided by hdshatter

Videos by hodilton, BDMods and KnightStreak featuring version 1.x

  • Better look and feel
  • Better shading due to better geometry
  • Overlapping road meshes should look slightly better
TexturesPlease note that this mod does not contain textures! For a list of of compatible textures see below (not every listed texture is fully compatible):
Not compatible withCompatibility / Load orderIf you have any mod (ESP) that adds Parallax mapping to roads, load Real Roads after (i.e. place it below) whatever Parallax mod you have . If it consists of only loose files (NIFs) feel free to ignore (or delete) them.Correct load order:-- Random mod.esp-- Another random mod.esp-- Some Parallax mod that might tamper with roads.esp (keep it above my mod or uncheck it if it only affects roads)-- Real Roads.esp-- Other random mods.esp
If you are unsure, just place it at the bottom of the load order.

  • Does it include bridges?
  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod covers bridges as you'll be using SMIM anyways.
  • Do you plan to cover roads in towns as well?
  • That's quite unlikely! Honestly I haven't even looked into those. It may not even be possible if they are treated as landscape. The main reason, however, is the amount of different patterns and small cobble stones would require even more polygons than the main roads.
  • Is the ESP really necessary? These are just meshes
  • Yes, it is! Base and dwemer roads would be OK, but everything else would have the wrong textures. On top of that I'm not using the standard directory structure.
PerformanceI haven't done any extensive tests, but I see no real decrease in performance. Most users reported no decrease in framerate, a few others had a minor impact.
Known issues / bugs
Blood splatters have been reported to look "wonky". [Looking into it later]

Extract into your Skyrim/Data folder or use the NMM

A big thank you to Percevan for testing