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This PerMa Plugin Provides the following features
- Sitting and Standing animations for crafting scrolls
- Crafting scrolls increases enchanting skill (more while sitting in the quiet)
- Imersive ink quill and paper recipes

Permissions and credits
Scroll And Quill for PerMa:

2.1- Multiple recipe changes (see diagram)
----- Changed experience multiplier to go with the scroll price change in PerMa

 LOAD AFTER PerMaDefluffedPerkDescriptions.esp 

 This is a plugin for Perkus Maximus (and previously Skyre)  i made this for personal use, i wanted to play a kind of a scholar/tinkerer character that relied on her craftiness more than large pools of health or magica .
 Scrolls were a good addition to the enchanting tree, at first in Skyre it help leveling the skill without recurring to tediously farming souls and stocking Farengar Secret-Fires amulet collection in the most immersion breaking way.

However Paper, ink and quills are very rare resources in vanilla ... a crafty scholar knows how to get stocked :D
On an other note the way experience was rewarded when it was tied to item weight didn't go well with how the enchanting skill was scaled, and it got worse when one update made that tied to item price. Thus rendering crafting one scroll with skyre throw you past 80 skill. and hence T3nd0 disabled experience reward. 

This PerMa Plugin Provides the following features
- It adds multiple recipes to craft ink in a lore and somewhat historical friendly way. these recipes are with varied Yield , the more elaborate the more efficient, the ingredients were set so that you'll find a good recipe for every region you play in.

- You can salvage paper from those pilesof ruined books, if you Have Dynamic Things or Dynamic Things Enhanced you'll find more in Crates than you can burn for campfires

- Your Enchanting Skill will now advance with crafting Scrolls .  Plus as a bonus, you'll get more Experience rewards when you do that while sitting, and more while indoors .

-Character Plays 2 animation while crafting Scrolls, one Standing, and the other sitting.

Crafting Most of these would require PerMa's Basic Scripture Perk

Video Out of date

Change Log :

1.0 Release for Skyre
2.0- Update for PerMa Beta
----- Sitting animation
----- Experience boost while sitting

2.1- Multiple recipe changes (see diagram)
----- Changed experience multiplier to go with the scroll price change in PerMa

Non-probable Future updates
[disabled] script that looks for nearest sitting spot (playable or NPC only furniture) and makes your character walk towards it and sit before crafting. Script is slow, so it was disabled,  still Source is packed in the download for anyone whishing to take a jab at it :)

Paper recipes on par with the ink ones ( i actually just go to wikipedia and look how people made stuff ) this will require a mill. shredding rags and grinding hay .. some shop near solitude ... meh the crafting diagram got too much crowded as it currently is