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Battleaxes and warhammers can smash open locked doors and containers.

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I hate video game doors. Like, "Oh no, how will my missile launcher possibly overcome this insurmountable wooden thing? Earth is doomed!"

This mod provides an actually meaningful difference between one-handed and two-handed weapons: One-handed has higher DPS, but two-handed now has a useful secondary function.

Your weapon's worth determines what locks it can smash. Loosely:

Iron -- Novice
Steel -- Apprentice
Dwarven -- Adept
Elven -- Expert
Ebony -- Master

...but it's based on the gold value of your weapon, so Smithing can improve your chances. Weapons added by other mods should work too as long as they're categorized as Battleaxes or Warhammers.

I didn't include Greatswords because that's another meaningless vanilla choice -- Greatswords have the highest DPS so why wouldn't you use them? Well, because swords can't smash things.

Since it would break quests, locks that require a key can't be smashed (%#@!).

Note that smashing open a lock is really loud, and doing so will almost certainly attract attention. You might want to kill everything first.

Also note that smashing a lock when there's a guard nearby will give you a bounty. Again, smashing locks is really loud -- guards will notice even if they're far away.

Finally: Vanilla Skyrim offers a curious spell that mages might find especially useful now...

This is my first mod. I wanted to do something simple but useful: Something small enough to let me learn how things work, but broad enough that I'd actually use it in my own playthroughs. I also wanted to give back to everyone who's added so much to my favorite game. This is what I came up with; I hope you like it. :)


1.0 - Totally borked BSA file

1.0a - Totally working .7z file

1.1 - Fix so that followers who are classified as Guards (such as followers from Orc strongholds) won't give you a bounty.


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Useful Alteration
Master Spells Should Be Masterful
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Two Handed Weapons Smash Locks