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Adds a longsword and dagger modeled after the Mehrune's Razor.

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Nothing fancy,just something i started as a personal project and later abandoned.
This adds 2 standalone weapons to the game, a longsword and dagger.The only thing sort of unique is the way they are crafted, even with that its nothing special.
To craft them you have to craft the blade,hilt,scabbard and pummel before you can craft the weapons.I simply made use of those items in game. Craftable under daedric
I'm releasing these as is.
There is an optional esp that places a chest at the skyforge with the required materials to make both weapons
Everything works as intended and this uses the vanilla textures.
The runes on the blade are in no relation to daedric runes mehrunesrazor other than looksand are actual models instead of added to the texture.
Thanks to Brodual for the video=)