Adorning Whiterun - A Whiterun Overhaul V2 by JiubiIzeekk
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This is a recreation of my mod Adorning Whiterun - a Whiterun overhaul
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Fixes/Newparts Ect

Then once this mod is 100% complete i will build compatibility patches for some mods.



If your seeking to find a mod that enhances Whiterun's beauty that doesn't go overboard with flora, then this mod is for you. This mod not only adds flora clutter to Whiterun, but it allows you to disable it and enable it. Say you want the clutter but no trees then simply go to the back of "The Bannered Mare" and view one of the books to change how u want it, or if you don't want it disable both (done by default).
But it doesn't stop there, all if not most interiors of the shops, homes, taverns and Dragonsreach have been remade or changed to a more ergonomic design. Its hard to explain so check images or try this for yourself.
And guess what!? Its doesn't stop there, there is 6+ new houses/shops in Whiterun that house the new NPC's. An abundance of new shops that sell little ammounts of what people might have, this might even be helpful to some of you Frostfall users.

Dynamic Details

Well Skyrim is mostly static where shops don't move, crates are pretty much worthless waste's of space Ect.
Well this somewhat fixes that, at the moment one merchant, Stromez goes fishing during the weekend (ingame) so on Loredas & Sundas he is outside of the wall selling his wares, and during the week he is just down the road from Breezehome.
Some crates are containers. They are not safe for personal use so don't use them for storing wares.
NPC's that i have created have numerous AI Packages to keep them busy at all times.
Some banners change once/if the Stormcloaks take over the city.
The coffins on top of the hall of the dead go POOF when the city is taken over by the Stormcloaks. This shows that loved ones died and Wilbur's work finally payed off.
Critters spawn around the Tree when it is restored.
New Spelleffect when you use a mead barrel.
some npc packages change when events take place.
One of the prisoners change to an imperil if the sons take over.


I'd like to say that there are none but no doubt there is quite a few. I for one know that you could load my mod and say a mod that adds lots and lots of trees, but this will cause crashes.
I do think that any lighting mods should load after this, but not required And this mod does tend to come up with some bugs when merged into a bashed patch so don't Merge this mod and load it after a bashed patch.

Inspiration behind this

This mod came to mind quite a while ago, i created it but i created it dirty and it seemed fine but it was rushed, hence the re-creation.
I was initially inspired to do this when i first bought Skyrim and thought Whiterun is like the Balmora of Morrowind. Except Whiterun needed allot of work to become a bustling Balmora. So i created the previous version of this and this version "V2."
This version i took my time and even still it is unfinished, im uploading now to gain inspiration and ideas from the community.


I'd just like to say thank you to anyone who gave me ideas and thoughts for the previous version of this. because it helped me to improve this version.
And i'd like to thank anyone who uses my mods, and the nexus community.


Fixed navmesh. - As far as i know.
Moved the bed location the bannered mare to original location to provide less bugs.
Added more items to bannered mare.
Made a new altar (mead barrel)
Improved some lighting.
Added more packages to npc's
Fixed jorrvaskr's basement.
Fixed invisible shackles.
An imperial soldier will replace one of the prisoners in the shackles.
Added prisoners into the jail.
Made the stumps in the drunken huntsman sit-able.
Added another sons/stormcloak banner.
Made the enable/disable books buyable from the book merchants. - Still in orignal location also.

Fixed Navmesh as far as i know, i tested and wandered around whiterun for a few minutes then waited and no
one was wating at the underforge so i think its fixed.
Added a New thing, sort of like a courier system You place your items into the cloud storage,
the container on activation takes gold from you (fee for sending) ect. There are 3 satchel's One in whiterun, one in rorikstead and one in riverwood.
I changed some packages, so now less people are in one place at the same time.
Hopefully fixed the locked door issue for the book store.
Changed where the guard stands.
Changed which bed you sleep in, in the bannered mare. And added some player safe storage to Bannered mare.
Plus lots more.

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