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As of right now I am situated with this until I can get better at creating quests. If there is any issues or bugs let me know thanks.

No Requirments, skyrim only.

A Stronghold west of Volunruud, check images. A small camp area with some mini tents for traders, and a Shack for the player to live.

Plenty of Storage, I do like to have things organized. No plaques, or weapon racks, I have trouble with racks. But there are containers to put all your collectables, and if so, this could be a base incase you want to shift things around yourself in Creation Kit.

A barricade surrounds the area with Large Rocks, so it gives off a feel of security.

Pits my Starburst Player Horse within the Barbarian Camp. If you do not download the Barbarian Camp she WILL still be there, as this is a separate mod edited.


Made a secondary version, all females, that changes Thorin into Thayna, and Gajvin into Gilvaj. Voices are changed and Gajvin (Gilvaj) still is a merchant. Also added a face gen optional file for the female version too.

Added a note in Silent Moons Camp about a "Rival" group. added 3 dead bandits near the entrance to atone to the note.
Added Enchanter across from alchemy station.
Added a new NPC with her own tent, near the stable, and AI, she is Emah.
Fixed up the Nav Mesh all around the barricade.
Made Kahl Feyh an Alchamist Merchant.
Fixed up Gajvin's short Merchandise into a few more items.

Added 2 more NPCs, One is Thorin's brother Gajvin, Kahl Fehy. Fixed a bit more stuff.

Added Npcs with their own Ai packages and fully works, Thorin and Valentya. Thorin might have trouble getting in his tent, but he eventually gets there. Tweaked the right side and added a tent for a new NPC who will act as a farmer and peddler(Not Yet done)

Fixed a lot of Nav meshing, especially entering the gate with followers, and if you use my home is yur home, on npcs they will interact with exterior and do their roles that come with that mod. Tweaked a few things such as an awning over the crafting supplies, and moved the stable and tower to accomadate nav meshing. Added braziers with fire for night time light around the camp. Fixed a bit inside too.

Valentya, a female Blacksmith- Based off of Adrienne of WarMaidens. She will get up at 8, go to forge until 6. Relax in her tent until 10 then sleep. Her tent is above the smelter. She has for sale a Nord Hero Bow. (Not a follower,??? don't know what happened) and Marriageable. LVL 32.

Thorin, A tall brute, level 45 he is the engineer, and primary guard. He works different shifts, he gets up at 8, scouts the tower for an hour then works below chopping wood and using the table. After 1pm, he goes back to the tower to guard for another hour, then goes back to work. At 6 he should be going to his tent, then at 10 he sleeps. Follower and Marriageable.

Gajvin,He is the farmer, Peddler and secondary guard on the right side of the camp. He has same schedule as Thorin, except will go to his little garden for work. When Relaxing he is feeding chickens or working on the wall or sitting. Follower and Marriageable. LVL 20 something.

Kahl Fehy, more and likely the chief, as she is the oldest and most wise, and depicts to Thorin what needs to be done. (I am possibly making her a steward type character, and make the Player home repairable/ Purchasable, only issue she has an orc voice. She sits on top of the hill, left of the tower. She will sit cross legged ( Meditating), or be sleeping. She is an Alchemist Merchant.

Emah, Kahl's daughter, she lives right of the Stable, and will get up and go train outside the Fort, toward the right side of the Mountain. She will take a 1 hour break, then go back, then relax and sleep. Follower and Marriageable.

Dead Bandits- Somebody got their butts whooped...

Feedback and if anybody wants to give assistance. Please feel free to message me.

Nav Mesh can be buggy around the garden and followers will not come up to the Kahl Feyh's tent. their is a split in the navmesh and they wont connect?