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This mod changes the shield's positioning, lifting it up on the player's arm, making it more realistic.

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  • XP32 MaxXimum SkeletonI would like to start by saying that I do not speak English and I have had to use a translator.

This file modifies the position of vanilla shields in Skyrim. With this mod the shield is moved up the arm to give a more realistic look to the way that the shield is held. It gives the appearance of holding the shield in your hand closer to the edge, while being strapped to your forearm.

This fix currently works with the following shields:
  • -Daedric
  • -Dragon (bone and scale)
  • -Elven
  • -Falmer
  • -Glass
  • -Hide
  • -Imperial
  • -Iron
  • -Orc
  • -Steel
  • -Ebony
  • -Spellbreaker
  • -Spike
  • -Ysgramor
  • -Factions
  • -Dwarven

  • -Auriel
  • -Dawnguard

  • -Chitin
  • -Nordic
  • -stalhrim

Immersive Armors support

-Automatically with nexus is easier (recommended)
-Manually, the files are extracted. Rar copy the contents of the folder and paste where you installed skyrim

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(2.4)-Finally add the Dwarven shield and fix the stormcloaks shields
(2.3)-Fix little position bugs and add the faction shields
(2.2)-Add dragonborn shield
(2.0)-Add Immersive armors shield's
(1.5)-Fix a littles bugs positions
(1.4.02) -Fits a little incline grades and add evony ysgramor spike and spellbreaker shields
(1.2)-Fits a little incline grades
(1.1)- Add dawnguard shields
(1.001)-Dwarven and stormcloack Shield has been removed even know the reason for which does not fit its new position