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"We were once a wealthy and prosperous society that occupied a portion of Skyrim. Unfortunately, we were constantly at war with the Nords who claimed the land as their ancestral home. We had always maintained an uneasy alliance with the underground-dwelling dwarves, and when faced with extinction we turned to them for help. Surprisingly, they agreed to protect us but demanded a terrible price... the blinding of our race. There were splinter groups that resisted the agreement, and even some that sought alternate alliances. But when it was all said and done, those elves were either slaughtered, vanished or gave up and took the dwarves' bargain."
"Most of the snow elf people worshipped Auri-El. The Chantry was constructed near the beginning of the First Era to provide a retreat for those that wished to become enlightened. Our empire had temples to some of the other deities: Trinimac, Syrabane, Jephre and Phynaster rounded out the rest."

Knight-Paladin Gelebor 4E201

For a long time nothing remained of the ancient Snow Elves, with their cities destroyed and their people killed the only things that were left of this once great race were legends. Until the last dragonborn found the chantry of Auri-El and met the now presumed last snow elf.
This mod adds one of these ancient temples of the snow elves in the outskirts of Skyrim as a Player Home!

The home is situated in a remote valley that escaped the destruction of the Nordic warlords. Although the inhabitants of the house did not survive the war, their home did. It is a small home with almost all crafting necessities, except for a smelter.

The house is meant to be small, nice and cosy, with all the neccesities near without having to backtrack through a huge manor or castle to get to everything. The small size of the home also means that there are no extra beds for followers or adopted children.
The latter would be quite strange regardless since the home is quite remote from civilization, no place to raise children in my humble opinion.

This small valley is located in the Velothi Mountains on the border of Morrowind. The entrance is above the dwarven settlement of Kagrenzel. Look to the mountains.
The precise location is shown in the screenshots.

I would like to thanks the following people and organisations:
Bethesda Game Studio’s for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
Stoverjm for Open Books Library
Blary for OpenBooks Resource
Tueffel for Modular Crafting Table
Lillith for Round Rugs in the TESA Recource Pack
The guys behind TES5Edit for TES5Edit

-I could not get the NavMesh to work, if someone would be willing to give me some pointers that would be great
-This mod is compatible with every mod that doesn’t alter the exterior cells around Kagrenzel.
-No know bugs that I know of, if you find one, please notify me.
-Cleaned with TES5Edit

This is my first mod, so it would be great if I could recieve some constructive feedback about what works, what doesn't and if there are things which I could improve in this mod or the next.
I would also love to see screenshots and videos of your experience with the home and find out what intrigues you about it.
Overall I just hope that you will enjoy it!