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About this mod

The Khajiit Black Market is a mod that adds a 9 merchants to the game which sell hard to obtain, useful items such as potions, ingots and soul gems in bulk.

Permissions and credits
Version 2.2 released. Changelog:

- Now Sells...
- 25 of all gems, flawless and normal
- 100 Giant's Toes
- 100 Creep Clusters
- 100 Wheat


The Black Market dealer who set up in Whiterun was so successful 8 more dealers were sent from Elsweyr to support him. Now the Black Market consists of 5 Male dealers and 4 Female dealers, located in the inns of each hold capital, making it easier than ever to get useful items wherever you are.

Features - 

Stocks the following items - 

*Quantity: 10,000*


*Quantity: 250*

Moon Sugar

*Quantity: 100*

Salt Piles
Leather Strips
All smithing supplies  (including ores)
Crimson & Standard Nirnroots
Giant's Toes
Creep Clusters

*Quantity: 25*

All levels of Health, Magika & Stamina Potions
All levels of soul gem, filled and empty
All gems, flawless and normal

*Quantity: 5*

Dragon bones
Dragon scales

- 9 fully functional, voiced NPCs located in the Inn of each hold capital
- Restocks like any other vendor
- Can buy stolen goods

Thanks for checking my mod out guys, and I hope you enjoy using it! Please endorse and comment any bugs or what I should add next!

Installation Instructions - 

Download and install using Nexus Mod Manager


Extract the .esp file and into your Skyrim data folder and run the game. Be sure to enable it in data files!

Also available in on the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=342268609

(The mod is fully compatible with the orginal version of this mod, if you would like to use them both.)