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Retextures Solitude with new hi-res textures. Parallax maps included. Everything was carefully crafted for a dark and gritty feel.

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Osmodius Solitude Texture Pack

Parallax maps included!
Also see Windhelm! -

If you like the mod, please comment. Your feedback has a huge impact on my mods. This is a hi-res texture replacer for Solitude. Built for a dark and gritty setting, I have been working on this mod a little at a time for the last month. I hope you like the look/feel I was aiming for. Each texture has went through several changes and modifications to get the right look. There are 3 versions to choose from based on your computer's specifications, High, Medium, and Low.

The "High" version has fully uncompressed 1k normal maps for maximum quality and 2K texture images, the parallax maps are 1k in size and have a bit of detail.

The "Medium" version has compressed 1k normals, 2K texture images, and smaller parallax maps.

The "Low" version is half the size of the medium, with the parallax maps being the same.

Parallax maps are included but they will have no effect if you do not have Project Parallax Remastered and a recent version of ENB. However, you can still use this mod just fine without Project Parallax Remastered and ENB.
You can get Project Parallax here -
I highly recommend it, especially if you are using this texture pack.

Also available on the Steam Workshop -

DO NOT RUN ddsopt! These textures are already fully optimized and ddsopt will lower the quality!

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Install using NMM or drag the "textures" folder into your skyrim/data folder and click "yes to all" when prompted to do so.

This mod is not compatible with other texture packs that change the same textures in Solitude.

Me for the textures, and Bethesda for the game.