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You have never got wings so alive like this one !

Permissions and credits
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Do you interested in new mod for flying with wings ?
Here is my vision how flying should be:
Real Flying (with Gliding and Collisions)
( I hope you like it :) )


You will get an ability to cook potions, offering your character an animated dragon wings.
These wings change its animation accordingly to the character behavior.
They react on: attack, jump, sneak, sprint, swim (or fly) events.

This mod absolutely independent, conflict-less, have no requirements, and don't leave any tracks in your save file after uninstall !

I highly recommend to try it with another great mod <Flying Mod>. Wings will know when you start flying.

Main features of the mod:

- using its own BEHAVIOR to change animation
- no scripts used
- no need for FNIS
- no need for SKSE
- work with ANY body and skeleton
- don't use armour/cloth slots
- all records in ESP are unique, without any overrides
- all resources are its own and conflict-less
- load order is doesn't matter

Video from Gruntlock:__________________________________________________ Video from Shinji72:

How to get wings:

You need to make a muta-potions in cooking pot.
(recipes are situated in "Misc" section of the pot)
To lose wings, use potion "Mutagen: Cure mutations"




Unpack mod to the game's folder "..Data" and activate mod in launcher.


Just delete all installed files of this mod.




Lightning for awesome textures for Alduin dragon (mod "More Dramatic Alduin Retexture")
Developers of Blender 2.65+
Developers of Paint.NET
Developers of Audacity
Developers of Notepad++
NifTools team for NifSkope
Figment for Hkxcmd tool
Bethesda for Skyrim and Creation Kit
+ my own tools for export/import models and animation for newest Blender:
I have used "Animation Tools N4 - Body Animator" to create skeleton/animation for this mod.
I have used "Behaviour files creator" to create custom behaviour file for the wings.


Don't change anything and don't upload it to another sites without my permission, please.


If you like this mod, please spread a word about it to make more people be known about new way of creation it offers.
I would like more modmakers to be involved in creation of animated stuff like this.

Plans for future updates:

- try to make more gliding
- something else ... (maybe)