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Now,you can craft sonic weapon called "Dwarven Dictator" and some other sound bombs.
You can use them like magic scroll.
They explodes and causes a special sonic wave like dragon-shout.
You can craft 4 kind of sound bombs.

"Dwarven Dictator" as "Dragonrend" shout.
This is not harmful to humans or other animals, but it prevents dragons from flying.
It attacks the wide area at a time but it is not got angry at by guards.

"Dwarven Quaker" as "Unrelenting Force" shout.
The sonic wave will stagger enemies which located in the distance.
It will also nearby enemies throw backward.
It will get angry at by guards, so you had better not use this in a city.

"Dwarven Dominator" as "Slow Time" shout.
The wonderful bomb will makes the player able to slow down time for a short period of time.
Player are able to move much faster than their enemies while the effect is active.

"Dwarven Genocider" as "Storm Call" shout.
This terrible weapon calls thunder storm.
The storm kills many people, so you had better not use this in a city.

You can chose one file.
1: regular edition
You have to get the perk "Dwarven Smithing" and "Ancient Knowledge"
(You have to solve the quest "Unfathomable Depths") or you cannot craft the bomb.
2: easy mode
You can craft the bomb unconditionally.