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Start your own guild and choose its members, motives, and location.

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Brodual Review and GameSpot Review (Old Reviews)

I got this and made the ''Republic of Skyrim People's Army'' and made an army that fought the Empire and storm-crocks. I made soldiers and recruited other N.P.Cs who are mistreated.
Your mod is simply flawless
I recruited the Grey Beards and Jarl Ulfric and told them to go kill any living thing. Best mod ever.
 I figured out you can recruit dogs into guilds. So I made a guild of dogs. Exclusively dogs. Yeah. 

Quick possible bug-fix:
  • Quicksave and reload the quicksave.

  • The "Follow me." command does not make your recruit a follower. It just makes them follow you. This is why it seems like Guild Starter is not compatible with the follower mods. IT IS COMPATIBLE WITH ALL FOLLOWER MODS. However, I am currently trying to mimic the best follower mods out there and provide similar functionality for your guild members that aren't followers

It’s all in the name. That’s right, with Guild Starter, you can now start your very own guild. Recruit almost ANYONE to join a guild commanded by you. Once you've found a nice home base(aka headquarters) and recruited up to 10 guild members, the possibilities become endless! Send your guild members on jobs, have them follow you, and level up your guild. Be a hunting guild, a necromancer guild, a mining guild, a cooking guild, an apothecary guild, an archer guild, a fight club, an assassin’s guild, a bandit clan, a treasure-hunting guild, a group of skooma smugglers, a paladin guild, and the list goes on infinitely. I've put many many hours of work into this mod, heck, I’m writing this at 2:35 AM because I've been working on it all night. So download, endorse, and make YOUR guild.

Starting Your Guild:
1. Find a good place in Skyrim for your guild headquarters.
2. Locate the ‘HQ Marker’ in your inventory and drop it in the center of your Guild HQ
3. Name your guild. *see ‘Naming your guild’ below
4. Locate the ‘Recruiting Necklace’ in your inventory and equip it
5. Ask nearly anyone to join your guild. There is a max of 10 guild members

Managing Your Guild:
To start commanding your guild members, talk to them and say “I have something to tell you”

Giving Jobs:
    Talk to your recruit and say “I have a job for you”. Then choose any job from the list. You are then prompted to choose a location. Depending on the job you choose, your relationship with the hold in that location may change.

Collecting rewards from jobs:
    Talk to your recruit and say “Give me what you've collected from jobs”. The menu that opens can be used for taking any item from your recruit. Upon closing the menu, you will receive the gold reward (if any).

Dressing your recruits:
    Talk to your recruit and say “Give me what you've collected from jobs”. Take all of the armor and clothing out of their inventory, talk to them again and give them whatever outfit you want them to wear. Finally, tell them “Equip the armor in your inventory”

Have a recruit follow you:
    Talk to your recruit and say “Follow me”. To send them back to the headquarters, tell them “Patrol the headquarters”.

Recruit follower commands:
  • “Wait Here.”
  • “Let me teach you a new combat style”
  • “Become protected. You will no longer be able to die by the hands of enemies.”
  • “Let me trade some things with you.”
*Note: none of these commands will conflict with any additional follower mods.

Have a recruit[originally one of your followers] follow you:
    Talk to your recruit and say “Take a break from patrolling the headquarters”.

Naming your guild:
    Go to the MCM menu and start typing in your guild name. It will show up in the top-left corner of the menu.

Dismiss a recruit:
    Talk to your recruit and say “I have something to tell you” and then “Sorry, but I have to let you go.” They will no longer be a part of your guild, and you must recruit someone else to take their spot.

Leveling and Perks:
When you assign enough jobs, your guild will level up and, as guild master, you can choose certain perks for the guild. Every time your guild levels up, you will receive 1 guild perk point. You can then spend it on perks. Each perk has a unique effect on what kind of guild you are.

Managing Perks:
    If you have perk points to spend, then just click on the perk you want. you can change perks at any time just by reclicking them.

Relations [WIP]:
Every time you assign a job, you are affecting the people and the world around you. So if you send your recruits on good-hearted jobs, people will like you more, and perhaps even lower prices for you. However, if you send recruits on jobs to steal from helpless old ladies or rip the hearts out of beggars, people won’t take too kindly to that, and, naturally, they will put a bounty on your head.
You can see your reputation with a hold in the MCM menu.



Compatible with all follower mods. For some reason there is a myth out there that this mod isn't, but I assure you that it is.
Now that that’s out of the way, EVERYTHING should be compatible with this mod. I have not experienced, nor had someone report an incompatibility.

Change Log:
Version 0.4
  • You can now double the size of your HQ in the settings tab of the MCM
  • You can now do all jobs anywhere (fixed the bug where you can only do good deeds in Eastmarch)
  • Made the "Wait Here" command for recruits
  • Recruits won't report your crimes.
  • Removed prices and weight for HQ Marker and Recruiting Necklace
  • Fixed multiple Recruiting Necklace bug
Version 0.3.1
  • Relations(WIP) : now you can choose where you want your recruits to do their jobs. depending on where they do the job and what it is, you will either become friendlier or more hostile towards different factions.
  • Combat Specialization: You can now change the way your recruits fight. For example, you can tell one of them to use ranged weapons and another to only use their fists!
  • Tell your recruits to equip specific weapons: i think this is pretty self explanatory haha
  • Unlimited Guild Levels: Your guild can now level up past level 10, to infinity. However, around level 20, it's nearly impossible.
  • Choose whether or not your guild member is essential

Version 0.2.5
  • Fixed the "Equip the armor in your inventory" bug 
  • Added real-time jobs option in MCM 
  • Cool new MCM logo

Version 0.2
  • You can now name your guild 
  • You can dismiss any members of the guild and replace them 
  • 3 new jobs (skooma smuggling, dragon slaying, and soul gem collecting) 
  • You can now dress your guild members in any uniform. 
  • Hopefully no more invisible dialogue bug. (SEQ now included) 
  • Guild leveling: level up your guild by assigning jobs! 
  • Guild perks: use perks to be a better guild in certain fields 
  • With guild leveling, rewards are much more in depth.

use NMM or unpack the rar and place the files in their corresponding folders

Use NMM or delete all of the ‘guildstarter’ files

Job list:
Good Deeds
Fetch Alchemy Ingredients
Wreak Havoc in Skyrim
Treasure Hunting
Mine (recruit must be of the vanilla class ‘Miner’)
Cook (”” vanilla class ‘VendorFood’)
Make Heavy Armor (”” vanilla class ‘VendorBlacksmith’)
Make Light Armor (”” vanilla class ‘VendorBlacksmith’)
Make Melee Weapons (”” vanilla class ‘VendorBlacksmith’)
Make Ranged Weapons (”” vanilla class ‘VendorBlacksmith’)
Smuggle Skooma
Slay Dragons
Collect Souls and Soul Gems

A Skyrim Mod by Sokco816