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You ever get tired of throwing all the loot you cant sell to merchants into a random chest/crate,cupboard or barrel in your player home? Fret no more. Throw all your junk into one of the Traders Chests and get gold in return.

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Unfortunately, I don't have the time to support this mod currently. Use this mod at your own risk. If you have any issues with game crashes, try a different version of the mod.

Are you a Skyrim hoarder like me and in desperate need of an intervention? Do you have a chest in your home you use just to store all that extra 'junk' that you couldn't sell to merchants? If so, this is the mod for you. Just place all that junk in one of the 'Trader's Chests' and wait for him to pick up your stuff and give you gold in return! Get rewarded for your dungeon endeavors instead of taking on the burden of finding a place to stash all that loot!

This mod is an extension and improvement on my earlier mod Trader's Chest: Homes. Instead of typical chests, I have made them to look more like mailboxes and have added options via a mod configuration menu. When you place unwanted items in the chest, a trader will come and take your items and place gold in the chest after he takes a fee. The fee is defined by options set in the mod configuration menu. You may either choose to set the fee yourself by using a slider or have it based on your speech skill. The speech skill based fee is reduced every ten levels. If your speech skill is <10, the fee is 50%. It reduces 5% every ten levels in speech until you reach 100 speech in which the fee will be only 5%. You must select the enable toggle for it to take effect else it will act as a normal chest. Version 1.2 added options to adjust your wait time as you see fit! Enjoy!

To install this mod, simply use the download with NMM button or copy the data folder into your skyrim folder.

Currently, due to scripting restrictions, the chest will not return the proper gold value for enchanted items and instead will return the items base value. If any scripters know a way around this please contact me.

There is a bug in which if you adjust the wait time without disabling and re-enabling TC: Homes, it will not update the wait time. Currently working on a fix. [Corrected with version 1.3]

There is a critical bug that causes a game crash if you try and use more than one trader's chest at a time. [Corrected with version 1.4; Please perform a clean save before downloading.]

A bug was discovered that would cause a game crash upon opening any Trader's Chests without enabling the mod first. [Corrected with version 1.5; Please perform a clean save before downloading.]

If you encounter any bugs or issues with this mod, please leave a comment describing the issue you're seeing.


Future versions of this mod will require DLC; however, I will upload them as separate files.

:v 1.0 Initial Release
:v 1.1 Chests now open with keys used for the player homes. (Requires clean save)
Credit to jensern for idea.
:v 1.1 Added separate stand alone file compatible with Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor
:v 1.2 Added Wait Time slider and toggle option for wait time in Days (Toggle off for wait time in hours) [Applied to Main File and Uploaded new optional file with sliders for Open Cities Skyrim]
:v 1.3 Corrected bug that would not reset the wait time if changed after the mod was enabled.
:v 1.4 Corrects a critical bug that would freeze the game when using multiple Trader's Chests. If you have any version prior to v1.4 I recommend you remove the mods and create a clean save and then install v1.4. My apologies to all who were affected. Also changed slider range for tax from 0-100 to 1-100 and slider range for wait time from 0-100 to 1-24.
:v 1.5 Corrects glitch with Hearthfire file causing a freeze upon opening chests. Corrects a glitch that freezes the game if chests are accessed prior to enabling TC: Homes.

: Elianora and Thornrock for giving me the idea of a mailbox.
: All the fans of this mod, for getting me back into it.
: Stroti for mailbox resources and textures.