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Brady Wold and DETAHBLADE1

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This is a full video done by an amazing person Brady Wold so it is not mine. I do have permission from him to use it and would like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy :)

Permissions and credits
Hi so this is my first mod, something simple I though I would start off with. Its a re-imagination Now I did not make the video but I do have permission to share it with you. I will eventually replace the full menu music and add this intro to the actual game. So be wise and look for later updates. Don't forget to endorse to get this awesome intro out there. I hope you all enjoy and Long live the Starks :P
How to Install:

1. Manually download file
2. Open Skyrim Video folder; usually located at 'C:Games (or Programs)SteamSteamAppscommonSkyrimDataVideo

3. Back up the file BGS_Logo in the Skyrim folder to a destination of your choosing (this is important if
want to go back to the old intro)

4. Rename the .bik file in this folder to BGS_Logo.bik

5. Extract the downloaded file with chosen extracting program to this location;
'C:Games (or Programs)SteamSteamAppscommonSkyrimDataVideo

6. Enjoy the intro

2. Nexus Mod Manger
1. Click download with Nexus Mod Manager

2. Enjoy the intro

4. Uninstallation
1. Take the original BGS_Logo.bik you backed up and replace it with the one already in the folder
i.e. Copy and overwrite

2. On Nexus Mod Manager click the red X to uninstall

Warning: You do have to sit through this intro every time you open up Skyrim so don't be mad I am still working on a skipable version look for it in later updates.

Updates: I will be coming out with an edited version that shows the skyrim logo that will take some time as I have to edit the original video to fit that in. Skipable version will be fixed as well.
Credit: All credit goes to Brady Wold, Ramin Djawadi, and Roland Studio HD for creating this. And Game of Throns check the show out on HBO. Any later things like skipable will be added by me alone.