About this mod

This preset covers all weathers and creates unique lighting conditions depending on where you are.
As of now there are three presets to choose from, all with it's own options for quality or performance.
- Natural
- Fantasy
- Realistic

Permissions and credits

Welcome to Aeon ENB, yet an other preset for people that haven't quite found what they are looking for or simply want a change. This preset covers all weathers and creates unique lighting conditions depending on where you are. I have spend literally countless hours trying to cover every single detail to make sure you have a balanced and beautiful gameplay. Please make sure you leave an endorsement if you enjoy the preset i would really appreciate that.

NlVA Lucid version v5.1-------------------------Realistic Preset, Original Version 7.1


Following ini tweaks must be made for this to work!






- Not compatible with any weather mod besides NLA and NLVA.

- Compatible with all interior lighting mods.

- Aeon ENB.esp change the water transparency , color , clarity and flow. I would
recommend that you use it without any water mods and just use the Data Folder on main download section that includes a parallax water texture to make the water look like the screenshots.

- Compatible with Pure Water.

- Not Compatible with RWT(remember that you can install the mod and just uncheck the esp if you just want the textures.)


For Aeon ENB - NLVA file!

1. Install Vivid Weathers file (only!) then deactivate the esp in your mod manager.
2. Install Natural Lighting Vivid Atmospherics 2.0 file (only!) (NLVA).
3. Install Aeon ENB data folder and overwrite everything.
4. Install ENB binaries from ENBSeries , you will need from the WrapperVersion folder these (d3d9.dll & enbhost.exe).
5. Install ENB Helper from ENBHelper , you will need the (enbhelper.dll).
6. Install Particle Patch from ENB Particle Patch
7. Install an interior lighting mod of your choice (i recommend RLO with ELE).
8. Install Aeon ENB - NLVA (Pick ether the original or performance preset).
9. Profit.

Recommend Misc Mods

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
- The only skin texture on nexus with compatible Subsurface Scattering maps that scatters light on skin with no glitches and amazing realistic results.

Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr Dave
- Install after your favorite eye mod and Fair Skin.

Improved Eye Reflections and Cube Map by fadingsignal
- Install after Eye Normal Map Fix by Mr Dave and after your favorite eye mod.

Embers HD by mindflux

Transparent and Refracting Icicle and Frost Atronach by Skysan4298

Recommend Visual Mods

The following mods will give the best visual experience for my preset.

Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton
- Full legendary merged version, install with and before ELE Lite.

Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) - LITE by --JawZ--
- ELE all modules legendary merged version, install with and after Relighting Skyrim.


Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus
- With the enhancer.

True Storms - Thunder and Rain Redone by fadingsignal
- Don't forget to use the NLA Patch.

Realistic Aspen Trees by AceeQ
- I recommend installing the HD Tree Lod in my optional download section after this.

Skyrim HD - 2K Textures by NebuLa
- Skyrim HD Alternate Mountains (Use it with the matching HD Roads file in the my optional download section.


Boris Vorontsov: For creating the ENB series.
--JawZ--: For his atmosphere mesh and contribution on the enbbloom.fx , enbsunsprite.fx and effect.txt files.
prod80: For his contribution on the effect.txt and enbsunsprite.fx files.
ZeroKing: For his contribution on the effect.txt file.
Confidence-Man: For creating the NLA mod.
Megaloblast and Kojak747: For creating the NLVA mod.
Matso: For his contribution on the enbsunsprite.fx and effect.txt files.
kingeric1992: For his contribution on the enbeffectprepass.fx , enbsunsprite.fx and effect.txt files.
IceLaGlace: For his contribution on the enbsunsprite.fx file.
Kobalk: For his contribution on the enbsunsprite.fx file.
isoku: For his contribution on the water texture included in the Data Folder.
Kyokushinoyama: For his contribution on the enbbloom.fx and enbsunsprite.fx files.
gp65cj04: For his contribution on the enbeffectprepass.fx file.
mindflux: For his Snow FX mod, Embers HD, ENB Patches, Ice Shader Fix. For his contribution on the luma sharpening code and SMAA.
Marty McFly: For his contribution on the effect.txt file.
Kobalk: For his contribution on the effect.txt file.
Miratheus: For his contribution on the effect.txt file.

Change Log - Aeon INI Files

- Fixed improved papyrus values, yes Chesko was wrong.

- Papyrus improvements carried from Chesko's recommendations for faster script responses.

Change Log - Data Folder

- Removed Snow FX.esp use "Real Skyrim Snowflakes - Vivid Snow by Mangaclub - Hishutup - Kesta instead".
- Optimized water texture.
- Better file structure for mod managers.

- New water texture.
- Updated particle and subscattering patch.

Change Log - Realistic Version

- Fixed underwater effect.
- Added lens support and a new lens texture (thus the increased size).
- Improved Rain and Snow weathers.
- Fixed Fog night.
- Made all interior shadows brighter.
- Various weather improvements.

- Dropped SweetFX and switched to SMAA for superior anti aliasing and performance, effect.txt will now handle post sharpening smarter , better with near to zero performance loss.
- Various weather improvements.
- I am in process of making interiors brighter with less intense shadows.

- Fixed shadow stripping on the performance preset.
- Improved water appearance for more realistic results and better blend with surroundings during night time.
- Improved underwater effects.
- Improved DOF , less intensive.
- Greatly improved all rain weathers.
- More balancing across all weathers.

- Cleaned out and organized files and folders.
- Updated SweetFX.
- New DOF.
- Improved weather nights and much more.
- Improved shadows.
- Fixed the uncontrolled rising fps at interface menus.

- Added quality options (finally).
- All interiors updated and improved to work best with ELE Lite and Skyrim Relighting.
- All night skies are updated and improved, brighter gradient and moon.
- All exterior specular values strength has been increased for better visuals.
- Removed junk weathers and cleared useless entries to existing ones.
- Improved a few specific weather.

- Cloudy weather, fixed and improved too dark nights, improved sunrises and sunsets. Balanced interiors.
- Overcast Rain weather,  fixed and improved too dark nights, improved sunrises and sunsets. Balanced interiors.
- Clear Tundra, fixed and improved too dark nights, more opacity to volumetric fog, fixed too bright and big sun at all times and did a color rebalance to it, improved sunsets and sunrises.
- Clear snow weather, balanced too bright days and improved the sky at all times and balanced the nights.

- Improved DOF, lowered it's strength at really close focus.
- Brighter Stars and Auroras , the moon is brighter in most weathers more to come.
- Finally balanced sunrise and sunset time, i hope for the last time.
- Increased bloom shader's spread value for more balanced transitions to no bloom areas.
- Fixed a couple more of too dark nights plus made them prettier (more remain for fixing).
- Improved clear tundra, cloudy, clear pineforest, fog heavy, fog, clear volcanic, rainstorm, overcast snow and clear reach.

- Improved/fixed cloudy,
- Clear volcanictundra improved tree lod, sky is more balanced interiors the same.
- Rainstorm fixed dark nights and more.
- Overcast snow improved interiors, sunsets, added bloom and improved nights.
- Clear Reach improved skies , interiors , sunsets, fixed rays.
- Fog fixed and improved nights.
- Improved interior lighting in dawnguard.

- Improved SSAO.
- New improved DOF.
- Updated time of day values to match NLA 2.0.
- Improved clear snow, fog heavy, clear pineforest, cloudy, clear volcanictundra, fog rain and cloudy aurora. 

- Improved cloudy weather.
- Improved clear pineforest.
- Improved clear volcanictundra.
- Improved cloudy aurora (fixed too dark nights and more).
- Improved overcast snow (fixed too dark nights and more).

- Updated Time of Day settings to better match nla.
- Improved clear fall forest.
- Improved overcast weather.
- Improved cloudy aurora.

- Improved rain storm, clear tundra, clear pineforest and overcast weathers.

- Bloom shader reworked settings, the bloom now has a bigger presences for better sunlight simulation and more atmospheric interiors.
- Updated effect.txt , better aa and sharper image with no performance cost.
- SweetFX disabled curves and tonemap enabled , lumasharpen has being toned down a bit.
- New improved SSAO values and IL.
- Improved sunsets in various weathers for a more colorful experience (more to go).
- Brighter lights during the nights in all weathers.
- Specular values brought down for interiors and during rainy weathers.
- Made brighter certain times of weathers that were too dark.
- Various improvements to snowy weathers.
- RAYS were toned down a bit.

- Remade eye adaption for more balance between dark and light areas.
- Improved rain (storm_calm_overcast...) weathers for a harsher feel with more realism. Specular values now increased to give of a wet enviroment feel.
- Pineforest weathers improved sunnier with better skies and lighting.
- Skylighting more noticeble values when appropriete now that Boris fixed the popup bug.
- Fog weather will trully make you feel like you are in Silent Hill or the movie Mist.
- New DOF.
- Better performance.
- Improved tundra , coast , clear snow and many more weathers for better lighting with more visible time changes at sunrise, day and sunset.

(Version 4.5 includes many changes and improvments but unfortunately due to limited time with the army i didn't manage to double check everything so you may find something that needs fixing, also there is no quality options for this. This version is even more taxing then the previous original quality preset).

- Increased quality of all shaders.
- New improved more pronounced SSAO settings.
- Interior lighting and bloom settings has be redone.
- Improved a few sunset weathers.
- Small tweaks to sun and clouds to some weathers.
- Redone rainstorm weathers for better shadows and color balance and improved the cloudy ones.
- Fixed interior shadows (had weong value).
- Lowered particle lights.
- Image base lighting has being disabled.
- Stronger sunrays for most weathers.

- New DOF
- Improvements in all weather skies including the sun , clouds , opacities etc
- Improved dungeons lighting
- Improved volumetric fog values
- Improved snow storm weathers to make them more fierce.
- Sooo many more little things i cant remember, there still things to improve though.

- Updated effect.txt , now featuring better sharpening with less anti aliasing artifacts.
- Removed sharpening method from DOF.
- Finished new SkyLighting values to fit with darker nights.
- Finished interior fog values.
- New contrast values for bloom, both interior and exterior (more real then ever).

- Updated Aeon ENB.esp
- Tweaked values for volumetric fog with new opacity parameter (70% done)
- Tweaked Skylighting making things too dark during night time (50% done)
- Hair reflections on custom hairs should look a lot better now

- Increased bokeh strength for the dof.
- All interiors have slightly stronger bloom and more saturation.
- All nights are now darker.

- Fixed wrong value in the enblocal.ini , MaxAnisotropy was set to zero by mistake.
Thanks to AlMustansir for spotting it.

- Improved Tundra Weathers clear skies.
- Fixed overbright particles for Tundra Weathers.

- Updated sweetfx files.
- New DOF.
- Small weather lighting changes for more balance.
- Added a better performance version.

- Fixed/Improved reflections.
- Improved Blackreach weather.
- Improved sea coast weather.
- Improved a couple of particle/ volemetric fog and cloud values.
- Improved a couple of interiors.

- Improved SMAA for the sweetfx.
- Improved interior lighting for unsupported NLA weathers.
- Improved various weather nights.
- Fixed broken reach weather.
- Improved pine forest weather settings.
- Improved reflection settings.
- Improved cloudy weather.
- Improved various sunset mist and fog related effects.

- Changed fog color at snowy regions from blueish to white.
- Balanced the intensity of sky , clouds and sun in various weathers.
- Improved interior lighting and particle lights.

- Improved volumetric fog , particle, and interior lighting values.
- Small sky improvements.
- Removed the Data folder.

Change Log - Fantasy Version

- Removed Data folder.

- Interiors HLS overhaul for all weathers.
- Older version DOF included inside the preset file.
- Improved Reach weather sky.

- Improved Overcast , snowy and some nights weathers.
- New DOF.

- Updated all specular map and particle lights values for all weathers.
- Brighter sources lights during night time for all weathers.
- Improved Cloudy Aurora weather.

- Improved night time for a few weathers.
- Improved rainy weathers.

- A few weather and lighting improvements.

Change Log - Natural Version

- Updated all particle lights values for all weathers.
- Removed Data folder.

- More performance for all quality options without any loss in quality.
- Balanced cloudy weather (again).
- Improved Fall Forest , Clear Coast and Clear Reach Weathers.
- Greatly improved shadows and their quality.

- Few minor tweaks to the weathers.
- Improved DoF performance.
- EnbLocal.ini slightly tweaked for more performance.
- Removed one unnecessary file.

- A little brighter interiors.
- Improved Clear Pine weather.
- New DoF.
- Improved Overcast Snow weather.

- Soften Interiors a bit more.
- Improved cloudy weather.
- Updated the effect.txt file.

- Removed unnecessary files from the directories.
- Removed enbhelper.dll that was left by mistake. So make sure you download it! (See main page for link)
- Improved overcast snow weather.
- Soften Interiors.