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Hi Folks,

You now can have a very immersive light ambience in Skyrim's dungeons and dark places!

This is the "Ring of Light"

  • Warm, golden Candlelight illuminates your way in 4 vibrant and immersive colors with this Ring equipped.
  • The 'floating energyball of white light' above your head is completely gone. No dizzy fog around you anymore at distant view.
  • The View Distance of this Candlelight Ring goes 3 times (1350) as far as the normal Candlelight Spell (450). This is my choosen default.
  • And there are Versions from 0,5x to 200x times of Distant View in different colors. See Screenshots for Imagination.

What does this Mod change
  • The 'Candlelight' Spell will now shine in the new warm light at dark places.
  • The 'Magiclight' Spell will now spot at the impact area in the new warm light.
  • The Duration of the Effect of the Ring is nearly infinite.
  • Nothing will be overwritten with this Mod.

    Where to get

    Go and forge one! At every Forge for 1 ingot gold. Yepp, only 1!
    You find it in the MISC Section of your Forging Main Menu.

    Or you like to use the console command.

    Type ingame into the console:
    help "henrys light ring" 0
    help "henrys light amulet" 0
    Then you get the correct code for the Ring or the Amulet.

    For the Light Ring you go for:
    player.additem xx001000 1
    For the Light Amulet you go for:
    player.additem xx001001 1

    More and detailed Information you find in the included Readme.


    Put Henrys Ring of Light on a Hotkey for toggling on/off its wonderful light quickly!

    Load Order

    Put Henrys Ring of Light.esp as low as possible in your load order behind any lightning or magic mod. Then it can behave as it should.
    For LOOT/BOSS Users: Only Vanilla Light visible? No forging Option?
    Please put the Henrys Ring Of Light.esp lower down near the end of your Load Order.

    Version History

    Henrys Ring of Light v3.0 - Cleaned with TES5Edit. Made an installer for NMM! Changed Description and Prices ingame.
    Henrys Ring of Light v2.0 - Rewrote Henrys Ring of Light. Perfectionized the lightning behavior!
    Henrys Ring of Light v1.3 - Henrys Ring of Light is craftable now in Forges for 1 Gold Ingot
    Henrys Ring of Light v1.2 - Last leftovers of lightparticelartifacts eliminated, Spell 'Magiclight' restored
    Henrys Ring of Light v1.1 - Description for Candlelightspell restored, Readme renewed
    Henrys Ring of Light v1.0 - Inital Release

    You might want to look also at this Mod:

    Skyrim Unlimited Rings And Amulets by glock9mm
    It's working fine for me.

    My other Mod:

    Henrys All Animals BeFriend for Skyrim

    [Fallout 4]
    Henrys All Animals BeFriend for Fallout 4

    Possible Issues

    Problem: Only the Vanilla Color and Distance View available for my choosen color/distance of Henrys Ring/Amulet of Light.
    Solution: Put the Henrys Ring of Light.esp. lower down near the end of your load order.

    Problem: No Forging Option in the Forge Main Menu for Henrys Ring/Amulet of Light
    Solution: Put the Henrys Ring of Light.esp. lower down near the end of your load order.

    Both problems could happen, when using the BOSS Load Order Sorting Programm. They put my Mod a bit too high in load order.


    Please, if you want to use this mod or parts of it for your own purposes, ask me for permission.
    Please, do not upload this mod or parts of it anywhere else without my permission.


    Warmer Magic Lights by KSG and candle_light_no_bulb by JZ for their inspiring and good work.

    Thank you

    Big Thanks to the Nexus Team here and in the Forum for their superb support and gentility!!!
    And to Robin Scott for this wonderful Nexus Place :-))

    Made with Skyedit, TesModManager, NifSkope and Gimp. Since arrival optimized with the CK and TES5Edit.

    And now, Go, Explore all Dungeons 'n Dark Places !!!